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Election day in Greece and the outcome for the Eurozone

Greece-elections-2014 Latest results from polls in Greece show that the left opposition party Syriza is preferred by most voters. Many did not make up their minds until the very last day but Syriza gained superiority. How is this going to affect the Euro-zone and are we going to see the Euro lower on Monday? In times when everything seems predetermined we usually get [Read more...]

Short opportunity forming in EURCAD

Trade-Forex-Online EURCAD is clearly moving inside a channel and we will try to profit from the potential move down once the pair reaches the levels we want it to. If it manages to push higher and complete bearish divergence around the top of the channel along with bearish candle pattern we will be selling. Keep in mind there are news from Canada today so it is better [Read more...]

Double trading scenario in EURGBP

Trade-Forex-Online Pair is currently trading in a key zone. If the support area around 0.7640-30 holds, we will be looking to long the pair as it is already under bullish hidden divergence on the H1 chart. However if the support mentioned above is broken, the bearish momentum will probably take place and push the pair lower towards the last low or maybe even new lows [Read more...]
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