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Victory for Syriza – victory for Greece?

victory Anti-austerity party of Syriza has won the elections.It is possible that the radical party can have absolute majority. The people of Greece has spoken and outgoing Prime Minister Antonis Samaras admitted his defeat. As the left-wing party stated, their primary goal will be to negotiate the terms of the bailout debts that started during 2010. Greek’s [Read more...]

Selling pull-backs in GBPUSD

Trade-Forex-Online In the long run, looking at the weekly and daily chart we can see that the price is reaching a bottom. At least a temporary one and correction should follow. Until then though, we can use the intra-day momentum and try to find sell opportunities on the lower time frames. We have two ways to do that – selling with divergence around the resistance [Read more...]

Election day in Greece and the outcome for the Eurozone

Greece-elections-2014 Latest results from polls in Greece show that the left opposition party Syriza is preferred by most voters. Many did not make up their minds until the very last day but Syriza gained superiority. How is this going to affect the Euro-zone and are we going to see the Euro lower on Monday? In times when everything seems predetermined we usually get [Read more...]

Short opportunity forming in EURCAD

Trade-Forex-Online EURCAD is clearly moving inside a channel and we will try to profit from the potential move down once the pair reaches the levels we want it to. If it manages to push higher and complete bearish divergence around the top of the channel along with bearish candle pattern we will be selling. Keep in mind there are news from Canada today so it is better [Read more...]
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