In 2011 I have established Vladimir’s Forex Signals & Mentoring club, which serves as the main hub for my trading community: each and every trading day we meet in my Live Trading Room where we analyze the market and discuss the trades I’m taking. Club members also get the same trades that I take, and can choose to get the trades as signal alerts or as trades copied automatically.

The club provides multiple sources of trading signals, to suit different trading tastes, live webinars, daily market reviews, and unique trading tools and information. I provide my members with everything they need to succeed. This even includes providing club members with free access to my MT4 programming team. So a club member can get the best coders in the industry, to program their automated trading helpers, indicators or EA’s!

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During my years as a Forex trader I have experienced all types of market conditions, periods of great volatility, booms and busts. I’ve also tested and developed many systems and strategies. These strategies have withstood the test of time, economic crises or healthy market periods.

Although I strive to teach these strategies step by step, when I release a system to my community, I equip it with trading tools and aids to simplify the process of trading.

That’s why my systems are called “Hybrid” – they combine the accuracy of a manual strategy with the kind of stress-free and time-saving that can be acheived with automated trading tools. In practice, the systems are almost 100% automated but still provide you with manual control.

This is also the reason I recently released the “Forex LST System”.
LST stands for: Learn, Simulate, Trade. I did include a complete guide book detailing every aspect of my strategy, and an automated signal software to alert for any trade setup, BUT…
The main component is the trading simulator – a flight simulator like software that enables you to master the strategy and feel absolutely confident of its power.

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Forex LST System website link
Forex LST System

And here is the first Hybrid System I have released:

The sRs Trend Rider is a profitable hybrid system which was described in many forums as the “Wet dream of any beginner trader”. Agreeing with this definition, I still insist that also veteran traders can enjoy and profit from the sRs Trend Rider since for the experienced trader, the system provides flexibility and aggression to hit the market hard.

In addition to my proprietary manual strategy that this system is built upon, the sRs Trend Rider consists of an Alert software and a customized template. Plus it features a unique money management and trade management robot to automate the trade once you execute it.

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In addition to these specific strategies, I have also developed together with my team of programmers and web experts, the Divergence University – a complete online home study program where I teach the exact methods I use to analyze the market and trade.
Everything is Explained HERE

Divergence University