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I constantly scan the web for new systems, strategies and Forex services. I have to admit, there is a lot of crap out there but still, I have managed to find here and there interesting systems that actually work nicely. Sometimes I even test how to integrate them with my strategies and tools, to dramatically improve system performance.

In this page, I have listed systems which I believe you might find to be interesting and worth to try.

*I have installed a Like and Dislike button to allow you to give your opinion about each of the product I listed below. Your opinion may give other visitors another factor before they are deciding to try one of them. (My Blog is under construction so this feature will be available soon)

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Product Name: FX HiWay
Author: Jason Sweezey
Date: May 2013
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* I’m usually not in favor of using Forex Robots without fully understanding what Forex robots are all about and how to use them properly. However, I do tend to test Forex robots or look into their internals to find out their built in strategy.

Leo Trader Pro
Author: Leo
Date of Released: December 20th 2010
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Forex GPS
Author: Marc Larson
Date of Released: New version February 2013
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