Amazing GOLD Buy Opportunity

Amazing Gold Buy Opportunity Forming

Hi Traders! We have an amazing Gold buy opportunity. Gold appears to be respecting the upper trend line and it currently is set to be moving inside this expanding channel.

Gold Daily Chart:

Amazing GOLD Buy Opportunity

As long as the last low is holding we can look for buy opportunities.

Here is my plan:

Gold H4 Chart:

Amazing GOLD Buy Opportunity

Look for a break above 1236.36 and then wait for a small correction. Once hidden divergence forms and completes itself on the H1 chart you can either go long aggressively or wait for the most recent down trend line’s breakout.

Protection should be below last low around 1213.83 or so in both scenarios.
Target 1 – R:R 1:2
Target 2 – Top of the expanding D1 channel.


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Amazing GOLD Buy Opportunity
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  1. thank you, vladimir , i keep eye on gold , i buy 2 lots , cost £40 .. i hope gold goes for big walky walky.
    thank you brother.

  2. hey, vladimir , gold is crazy horse , going north , and usd/cad and usd/chf going south

  3. gold , high of last week 1:236. 70 its just testing that now, time now is 13:19 gmt get to find out what gold want to do . small pull back, mean no seller out there.

  4. hey, vladmir, if look on dailychart oil and gold , look same ,yes time 13:36 mon 15th may


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