The SPT “Swing Point Trader” – Powerful Forex Indicator

Forex Indicator: The SPT - Swing Point Trader - Is Here!

Hi Traders!

The SPT – Swing Point Trader – Is here! As a developer of trading solution, some days become milestones!

Such as today!

My SPT strategy is completed and fully released!

The SPT is a complete free trading strategy to ALL my traders academy club members!

Traders Academy Club

I could easily charge money for it, but I won’t. Why? Because my goal inside the Traders Academy Club was and remains to be the no.1 trading club online!

And to be the best – you have to be equipped with the best!

So, I introduce you to the SPT – Swing Point Trader!

What does the SPT based on?

The SPT - Swing Point Trader - Is Here!

The amazing swing points automatic scanner for swing directions!


The SPT trend scanner and cloud –

The SPT - Swing Point Trader - Is Here!

The combination of both – allow you to spot the amazing trading opportunities and to ride the massive trends when these are in play!

I repeat – SPT is completely out of charge! no-cost!

TAC member?

Perfect! Go inside the members area, and download it totally free!

Not TAC member?

What are you waiting for?

Or, get yourself a free access for one full trading year here –


See you inside!

Yours to your success,

Vladimir Ribakov

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