Forex Weekly Forecast Text Format September 15th to September 20th 2019

Forex Weekly Forecast Text Format September 15th to September 20th 2019

Hi Traders! Forex Weekly Forecast Text Format September 15th to September 20th 2019 is here. My team and I always continue to work very hard for you and your success and as we do every week, we have prepared two great gifts for you!

Forex Weekly Forecast Video:

And here is the text format of the Forex Weekly Forecast prepared for you specially by my team:


In this pair we were looking for corrective cycle to happen before the main trend continuation. During the week we were exposed to a range, we never managed to get deep two waves, the price completed five spots inside the range after which we got the breakout and a trend continuation.

According to the weekly and monthly cycle as you know from the previous week if you are following me and my forecast that I am bullish for the long term here, so I believe this pair will continue to create new highs. We need to pay attention to the resistance zone shown in the screenshot and the closer we get to this area the stronger the next pressure will be for deeper correction. The price is building up a bearish divergence once it completes we then likely might be exposed to deeper correction downside and again all that will be just a part of the continuation.

For all those who are riding the trend for the longer run, once the daily would hit the divergence and ideally the H4 becomes a divergence by itself then it will be the time to cash out.

For all those who are looking for opportunities to join the trend (long term), the idea is to wait for deeper correction for some sort of a bullish hidden divergence to form on a daily and only then look for the ride.



In this pair we wanted to see retraces and buys, the price is moving exactly as per our plan, its kind of slow but still performing to the upside. We can’t say its over yet as there is no ending divergence from the daily, we didn’t reach any top of the Bollingers Band after the 20 candles ride which was followed by a bullish divergence, therefore in my personal view the price might continue higher.

I would say if the price crosses below the level shown in the screenshot then it would be a suspicious sign as we are in a triple cycle followed by a double cycle correction and we are likely to assume that the price might move higher.


So my idea for the short term is further bullish continuation.



In this pair we were heading towards 108, 109 area after the H4 chart correction, we were expecting the daily to be two waves but it is still developing it, which makes it very likely to go for deeper correction further on.

Meanwhile on the short term after the drop down we got it all the way towards the 108, 109 zone.

This pair right now has a bearish divergence which is building up pretty seriously and due to the cycle levels in play, my view is that 108, 109 zone should deliver us the correction. I don’t think it would be a long term correction, I think it would be a short term correction and we should likely continue further.

If we take a look at the Forex Crystal Ball statistics we can learn that 13th and 15th were the days I was expecting (during the week) a stoppage and it happens now from Friday through the beginning of the week, this is where I expect some pullbacks. Looking on the levels we can see that the clear levels from the daily are waiting for us as shown in the screenshot.

The channel should be dynamically rising to the upside and pay attention to the numbers shown in the screenshot so we have few days for continuation.


If it continues slightly deeper then the 24, 25, 26 becomes the critical numbers for further continuation.

So the statistical dates as you can see could contribute us timing or confirming the movements within the cycles (confirmed by divergences). So this is my view for this pair and I believe the area shown in the screenshot is a good place for cashing out and we should be exposed to some sort of correction (smaller or may be a bit deeper) in two waves and then possible rallies to begin.




In this pair our plan from previous week was to buy retraces for a corrective cycle, I think its pretty straight forward and we are enjoying the ride.

The daily special cycle is correcting itself, the targets for this rally are 38.2% and 50%, price reached the 38.2% and it might reach the 50%.

As for now there are no opposite signs preventing this from continuation so basically it could develop further. For all those of you who are riding this movement it delivers more than 200 points just make sure you manage your positions correctly, don’t be exposed to any sort of randomness by the market.

Note: Keep an eye on the fundamental news.



In this pair we were expecting two waves and the price moved exactly as we expected. If we observe the daily cycle we are next to the 38.2% fibo retrace level and the area in between the 38.2% to 50% is the best place to cash out the profits.

Pay attention to the bearish divergence that is developing and once it fits in with the H4 chart divergence which by the way currently starts to happen, it would be a good place to cash out at least partially.

For the longer view as the cycle shown in the screenshot is a corrective one which is developing the dynamic trend line would be a good place to trial the stop loss accordingly, that is every single time the pair continues to move higher. Break below the trend line would be the place to get out completely from the trade.



In this pair our idea from previous week was to sell the rallies and we were expecting the price to continue lower, the price moved exactly as we expected we got the two waves and continuation.

I believe this pair is developing two waves down, the daily divergence is not completed, the H4 and H1 divergence is not completed, the weekly pressure is yet bearish.

So the way I see this, as long as we are below the trend line shown in the screenshot sell the rallies with bearish evidences would be the plan.

As per the levels I would take the developing cycle in the H4 chart and put fibonacci expansion on it 100% is the first place to pay attention to for possible bounces and the next possible target comes all the way down to 0.8640 and the current pressure remains on.



In AUDCHF we wanted the price to reach a critical zone and make a correction before further buys takes place. The price reached the critical zone, clearance area is in play.

We may now expect a corrective cycle in the form of two waves or a range. If we get two waves then it would be perfect, we will then be looking for bullish divergences and buys with more bullish evidences.

Or alternatively if the corrective cycle happens in the form of a range then we need five spots inside it and then we may look for possible breakout and buys with more bullish evidences.

Based on the Crystal Ball statistics 12th – 15th was the level where we were anticipating the top and we got it. As per the move down we have the channel and the support is slightly lower, if we push there for deeper correction then likely we may see the price pushing through the whole week and then by next week the buys to take place.

Or alternatively if the price is going to hold a range (we cannot predict anything like that in advance) then likely the movements are going to be small and sensitive inside before the breakout further to the upside.



This pair delivers triple descending weekly cycle ending with bullish divergence which brings in play the daily cycle by itself (you can observe the weekly triple cycle provides the daily movement by itself).

The H4 chart delivers the false breakouts and the convergence, we are currently in straight breakout Bollinger Band duplication, clearance zone activated, the other clearance zone might get activated as well. The area shown in the screenshot is the place where I would expect some corrections and further continuation to the upside.

The H1 chart delivers what looks like three higher highs, higher lows structure with the bearish divergence. So from the area shown in the screenshot I would be expecting to see some corrections and further continuation to the upside so buy retraces with bullish evidences is the plan for this pair.



In this pair the price continues to move inside a dropping channel on the weekly chart and from the top of it, the price holds with a bearish hidden divergence on the daily chart.

The H4 chart fits in with a beautiful false breakout and break of the low (creation of convergence principle) I believe currently we have the first leg which could deliver further move down.

The H1 charts fits in the structure of lower highs, lower lows (trending conditions) and somewhere these areas shown in the screenshot to start deliver some corrections and then we may look for further continuation down.



In this pair on the weekly chart the price which is moving in triple double structure is blocked with the bullish divergence which is yet delivering.

Daily is the developing cycle, which is developing yet and pushing further.

Based on the fibonacci levels we can see the 161.8% is slightly higher and it falls in great duplication area right next to 1.98, 1.99, we could expect some good payout here.

So in my POV this pair is bullish and I would be looking to buy retraces with bullish evidences. I expect the H1 chart after it complete its higher highs, higher lows structure buy retraces should be the right thing to do.

If we get a straight sudden move below 61.8% fibo retrace level then it would invalidate the bullish view.


Natural Gas

Natural Gas delivered an amazing run for us and right now the price has reached some critical levels where we may expect some corrections (in this case the price should deliver the special or triple cycle as shown in the screenshot) and then we may look for further rallies to happen. The plan remains unchanged here.



In Gold we wanted to see the push down and the price is building it perfectly and I think this one still has the room to go lower.

According to the daily cycle we might see the price going all the way as close as to 38.2% or even to 50%.

So the bearish view on the Gold remains on and I expect the price to continue lower, sell the rallies with bearish evidences would be the plan here.

If the price suddenly moves higher and breaks above the downtrend line shown in the screenshot then this bearish view will be invalidated.

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I wish you a wonderful trading week


Yours for your success,

Vladimir Ribakov

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