ICO Review: AltoCar Year Founded: 2017
Founders: Alexander Bobylev, Viktor Neeshpapa, AlexandarLyashenko, Igor Kalmykov
Web Address:

The past three of four years have been great years for start-up companies such as Lyft, Gett or even Uber that has quickly outgrown the status of a start-up company. However, those start-ups have triggered off the avalanche of similar start-up companies that base their business model on the similar principle – providing the best possible drive for the customers.

AltoCar is a company that was founded in Kazan, Russia and for those two years it has been a relatively good success. Over the years, many companies have moved from standard fundraising to the more modern approach by using methods like Initial Coin Offerings and AltoCar is one of those companies.

About AltoCar

About AltoCar

Unlike some other similar companies, AltoCar provided the opportunity for their customers to add their favorite drivers and to use the services of only those drivers. Their goal is to expand their business to 13 more cities within 18 months and that is when the AltoCar ICO comes to the scene.

AltoCar has announced that their ICO campaign will be carried out in four stages with the first stage being the presale where they will be implementing one part of the AltoCar tokens or ALTC abbreviated. The presale period has already finished but the main period of this campaign will not be starting until the October 10, 2017 and it will last until November 10, 2017.

From November 2017 to January 2018, the company plans to implement the digital economy into their services which will result in them launching their branches in two more cities. The final stage of their ICO campaign will be starting in January 2018 and it will end in March 2019 which is the period when they plan to launch their services in eleven more cities in the country.


AltoCar is using the Waves platform for their ICO campaign and it is based on ALTC or AltoCar tokens that the investors will have to purchase in order to participate in the campaign. Starting value of the AltoCar tokens is $1. The total amount of the tokens available will be 32 000 000 with 300 000 tokens already sold during the presale stage of the campaign.

AltoCar Research

The remaining 21.76 million ALTOCAR tokens will be available during the sale period that starts on October 10, 2017. Thirty percent of the total number of tokens or 9.6 million to be precise, will remain for the input into the domestic economy and the founders of the company. The buy-back of the issued and sold tokens in this campaign will start in 18 months after ICO campaign has finished. In that sense, it is important to mention that the exchange rate for 1 token will be $2.


AltoCar Features

The pre-sale period of the campaign also featured some bonuses that the investors got for purchasing the tokens. The amount of the bonus for those investors who purchased tokens during the first week was 45 percent while for those who purchased tokens during the second week was 40 percent. Third week of the presale period featured 35 percent while the fourth week of the presale period featured 30 percent bonus.

During the sale period, the first week of the sale will feature 25 percent bonus, while the second week will feature 20 percent, third week 15%, and the fourth week 10 percent bonus on the purchased tokens. In order to be able to purchase ALTC tokens, investors will have to create their own wallet on the WAVES platform as that is one of the requirements that keeps investors’ interests safe.

Those investors who purchased tokens will be able to use those tokens for their trips and those tokens will feature a discount for the investor’s trip. Investors will have an opportunity to earn additional tokens by watching advertisements during the drive. It is important to mention that the WAVES platform does not feature the option of banning the presence of these tokens on the DEX exchange and because of that, the output of these tokens will be made available in the investors’ personal accounts seven days after the ICO campaign has finished.

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