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ARNA Panacea is the blockchain ecosystem that has been developed for the purpose of assisting the medical researchers in their efforts to find new cures and new treatments for different illnesses. More precisely, ARNA or ARNA Genomics, as the project developed for the purpose of production of tests for early detection of breast cancer and making those tests available for people all over the world.

About ARNA Panacea

The founders and the employees of the company would describe their company as the biotechnological company that uses innovative approaches that has been involved in the research and development as well as introduction of new methods for oncological treatments and early detection of cancers. In order to that, ARNA Genomics has been using the ARNA Panacea, an ecosystem that has been developed on the basis of blockchain technology.

About ARNA Panacea

ARNA Panacea provides participants with the opportunity to access the data about the research as well as the opportunity for them to interact and to participate in that research that could potentially create an opportunity to find a cure or effective methods of treatment for different diseases.

ARNA Research

About Arna

The company ARNA Genomics has been established in 2013 and in the first round of the crowdfunding, they have collected enough funds to create the ARNA Thermometr, a test which has been used for the detection of the presence of oncological diseases. In the following years, ARNA Genomics developed several tests for detection of different types of cancer such as breast cancer and the colon cancer.

The future plans of the company are to open a laboratory that will be located in the United States and that is the reason why they are launching the ARNA Panacea platform. The company has announced that the crowdsale of the tokes for the ARNA Panacea platform will start on November 19, 2017, and that it will last until December 3, 2017. Usually, the Initial Coin Offerings last for a month or 30 days that will not be the case with ARNA Panacea ICO. As it is the case with many other ICOs in the last month or so, the ARNA Panacea ICO will also be offering bonuses for the investors who purchase ARNA tokens.

The company has announced that there will be 500 million of ARNA tokens available for the investors. The price of a toke has been set and it will be $0.80. However, the total amount of tokens is 1 billion. Fifty percent of that amount will be available for the investors while 25 percent of that amount will be used in order to incentivize the ARNA Panacea ecosystem. Additionally, 24 percent of tokens will be retained by the ARNA Genomics while one percent of the total amount of ARNA tokes will be used to cover the costs of token sale.

ARNA Features

Arna Features

Considering that ARNA Genomics has been operating for several years now, they have developed certain features that their ARNA Panacea platform will also be using One of those features is the Proof of Research which means that any data that will be stored in the ARNA Panacea platform can be used as an evidence and it is considered as an undeniable source of the research confirmation.

Besides that, ARNA Panacea will enable researchers to conduct their research in a safe environment because it will be using encryption keys that have become a very popular characteristic of blockchain technology. Additionally, researchers that will be using ARNA Panacea will also have the opportunity to enjoy the access to the huge array of information that will be secured through the open API interface that will also be included in this platform.

In the end, ARNA Panacea seems to have a huge potential in the field of breast cancer research and the research of other types of illness and the treatments for those illnesses. With the team of professionals who have big experience in their fields, ARNA Panacea seems like a good opportunity for all investors who are looking for a company or project to invest in.

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