Upcoming ICO review: IMMLA Year Founded: 2016
Founders: Mikhail Astakhov, ViacheslavNeunyvakin
Web Address:

IMMLA or International MultiModal Logistic Application is an online service that provides their customers with the access to the multimodal transportation. IMMLA uses smart contracts that have become a part of the blockchain technology in order to solve problems that often appear in the international logistics. They will be providing their clients with the opportunity to find the best solution for their logistics needs that include time, price, quality and other aspects. All that will be done through one interface that this company will be providing.


IMMLA aims at making the global transport industry more efficient as those who ever had the experience with this business knows that this industry has been trailing behind and that there are solutions that can be implemented in order to improve. This is exactly what IMMLA tries to do with their project. The company has been developing deliveries services that can be best described as multimodal and the entire ecosystem of IMMLA features several important aspects.


One of them is the Dutch auction of the carriers who will be offering their prices for certain services and the client will have the opportunity to select the offer that suits his or her needs. The second aspect of their business is monitoring of the damage of the cargo that appears during the transit, the delivery period. Besides that, this company will also provide GPS monitoring of the cargo and it will make sure that all shipments will be safe and transparent.

IMMLA Research

Just like many other similar projects, IMMLA has been built on Ethereum blockchain platform and it uses Ethereum smart contracts that will be applied to all parts of the platform that require trust and privacy. In their ICO campaign, IMMLA is intent on selling 184,336,400 IMMLA tokens during two stages, pre-ICO and ICO itself. The pre-ICO stage has already finished but the ICO stage of the campaign will start on September 15 and it will last until October 15, 2017.

In total, IMMLA has a total supply of 226,736,000 tokens and a certain part of those tokens will be reserved for the founders, team, and the advisors. The development plan of this company implies that selling of the tokens and the distribution of those tokens will be done during 2017 while the company will be taking their services on the market at the start of 2018.

IMMLA Features

IMMLA Features

According to their official web site, IMMLA will have several key features. One of those features is Confidence and Reliability. This platform will guarantee payment for the carrier despite the financial condition of IMMLA because of the decentralized system of the company. For many clients, the confidence in payments is one of the most important features of the certain company.

Another feature of IMMLA is Track Shipments. It will enable clients to check the position of the cargo at that moment while the time of the cargo transfer will be recorded by blockchain technology. Once it gets recorded by the blockchain, nobody will have the possibility to change those pieces of information and the issue of frauds will be eliminated.

As we have mentioned earlier, IMMLA will be introducing Dutch auction concept which means that IMMLA will be saving money to all sides involved. Besides that, IMMLA also guarantees that the number of unnecessary trips like empty shipments will be reduced. Additionally, any cargo owner will have its rating and the better ranking the more credits the owner will get.

In the end, it needs to be said that IMMLA will feature both desktop and mobile version of the platform and according to the company’s officials, both versions will be very easy to use and it will not need the interference of a third party.

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