PayperEx Year Founded: 2017
Founders: Yaniv Baruch, Menahem Maya
Web Address:

About PayperEx

About PayperEx

One of the reasons why the financial market has become so globalized and successful in the recent period is the fact that some people were brave enough to challenge the already existing methods and processes and introduce a new approach to the currency trading. With the rise of popularity of different cryptocurrencies, great minds started to develop new ways of trading and exchanging these currencies in the digital currency market.

Among those minds were Yaniv Baruch and Menahem Maya who launched their own project called PayperEx and this project is available at

Both Yaniv Baruch and Menahem Maya have more than 15 years of experience dealing with different aspects of financial markets. That experience enabled them to understand the market where they launched their project. Baruch and Maya idea was to focus their efforts and to make the market of shares more decentralized which would have the effect on the entire financial market as well.

Their project encompassed the blockchain technology and with that, they managed to create an alternative option for trading shares on the global share market. In their own words, the main goal of their project is to provide traders with the fast, economical, and safe access to the share market.

PayperEx Research

PayperEx Research

Their project operates on the principle of Paypers and in order to enjoy the benefits that this project will bring to the traders, they will have to purchase these Paypers. In definition, Paypers are units that are based on the share and depending on the client, these Paypers can be used to represent digital currencies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. Basically, in order to trade with PayperEx, a client would have to have Paypers which, in turn, stand for digital or the real currency.

The minimum amount of Paypers that the client is required to have is 100 PAX which is relatively low. The founders have also provided clients with the opportunity to buy Paypers for the bearish trends which opens a completely new box of opportunities for the clients. The founders have also indicated that in order for a client to earn a certain fee shares, they will have to have PAX tokens. Unlike Paypers, the amount of PAX tokens is limited and the limit will be determined in the later stages of the project.

When it comes to the tokens, it needs to be said that these PAX tokens will be available through the PayperEx’s ICO. The ICO will start releasing tokens on August 21st and these tokens will be available until December 19th, 2017. The founders have stated that total of 6.2 billion PAX tokens will be generated through ICO but 1 billion of those PAX tokens will be put aside as a reserve. After the mentioned date, it will no longer be possible to get PAX tokens.

When it comes to PayperEx, it needs to be said that this system has several crucial elements. One of those elements is the PAX Private Wallet. PAX Private Wallet is the service that enables P2P payments from all over the world. With this feature, clients will be able to safely send and receive funds.

The blockchain technology has also enabled PayperEx to feature Buy/Sell Order Book which will provide clients with the opportunity to see all the orders available at that moment. Besides that, features such as Take Profit, Sell Limit Order, Buy Limit Orders, Stop Loss, and several others will also be available for the clients.

PayperEx Features

PayperEx Features

According to PaypersEx official web stages, this platform featured the latest blockchain technology that when combined with UX/UI provides the clients with the best possible experience of trading shares. Besides that, this platform also features the Matching Engine that is used to connect buyers and sellers of the similar status.

Additionally, PayperEx also features another option that is not that often seen in the similar projects and that option is API Services. API based technology enables users to have a secure connection with the network. Besides that, API Services will also enable clients or users to add additional options for trading that are coming from the third parties. With this kind of technology, PayperEx is making sure that their clients have a very good experience of trading with their platform.

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