Soferox Year Founded: August 2017
Founders: Aaron Mathis, Dr. Alex Williams
Web Address:

About Soferox

Aaron Mathis and Dr. Alex Williams

Soferox is a completely new way to exchange and hold various cryptocurrencies with no transaction fees. Soferox is a digital currency technology company and its the main goal is to create and offer a no-fee trading and wallet platform. You are aware of the fact that today wallet and cryptocurrency platform aren’t that great since major platforms are filled with various random charges and additional transaction fees. In fact, you get charged for withdrawing and depositing funds as well as you get charged when you make a trade. The company Soferox believes that certainly there is a better way and they have created their unique product which aims to completely streamline the virtual currency world. Soferox is a company which was founded on the concept that virtual currencies are the future, so the platform offers the latest as well as the best possible way to manage and trade with cryptocurrencies. The company is founded by skilled and talented individuals. The founders are Aaron Mathis and Dr. Alex Williams. Both of them have a long history and great experience when it comes to the internet security specifically applications which are web based.


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Soferox company currently is preparing to launch it ICO which will take place at the beginning of September. The team determined that tokens which will sell during its ICO stage will represent tools than some genuine securities. In other words, ICO will be available for users regardless of their location including users from the United States. The company aims to incorporate unique features into the platform like safe and secure interface, zero fee structure, simple user interface, the Soferox vault and secure and safe wallet. Soferox company is based in Lubbock, Texas. Soferox is a profit-seeking, but the company insists that the platform is free of any fees and they plan to keep it that way. The team plans to disrupt various multiple parts of the digital currency world. They describe the Soferox platform as a digital currency holding and trading platform with invoicing as well as with other commerce functions. The greatest innovation is that the platform comes with no transaction or any other fees. Today’s digital currency platforms charge various fees for withdrawals, deposits, trading and other functions, but Soferox platform won’t charge anything. The team believes that platform with no fees will attract users from all over the world.

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Soferox main vision is to reward users for being loyal and for using their platform. They believe they will achieve this by bridging that gap when it comes to the commerce side. They have created the environment which allows all users to send funds to anyone and not get charged a fee when they make a transaction. The company aims to provide trust as well as transparency in order to assure the success of their project as well as their ICO. When it comes to the securing initial coins, they will store a huge amount of digital currency funds in dispersed cold wallets.


Soferox Features

The company will make security among their highest priority tasks by creating a secure and safe environment with some of the strongest code standards. Their approach is zero fee structure since the company believes that it is crazy to charge their users for every transaction. Transactions on the platform will be always instant as well as completely free. The platform utilizes simple user interface so people who are not that experienced can easily use it as well as other more skilled traders. The Soferox vault is a secure way to store coins as well as to create shared portfolios. Secure and safe Soferox wallet is the safest way for storing funds. The platform will also offer multi.coin exchanges with no fees, so the users will be able to conduct multiple exchanges across multiple coins.

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