Weekly Trades Summary May 24th 2019

Weekly Trades Summary May 24th 2019

Hi Traders! Weekly Trades Summary May 24th 2019 is here. Third trading week of May is over. It is now time to recap and summarize the trade setups that we had during this week. Below you will find the short explanation of all the trade setups we had in this week.

Trades Summary:

USDJPY – Price moved exactly as per our plan, we have collected good profits with this sell trade.

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EURAUD – This sell setup is still valid.

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USDCHF – Price moved exactly as per our plan in this sell setup, we have collected nice profits with this trade.

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EURCHF – Price moved lower and reached the critical zone exactly as per our plan. We may now look for bullish setups with bullish evidences in order to start looking for buys.

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AUDUSD – The direction changed after the trigger and we stopped this trade manually as the trend scan changed from red to grey.

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GBPCAD – Price moved higher and has now reached the first critical zone exactly as per our plan. Until this critical zone holds, we may look for evidences of bearish pressure in order to join the bears. If the price moves higher above the first critical zone then the next area to look for sells with bearish evidences would be the second critical zone.

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Have a nice weekend!


Yours to your success

Vladimir Ribakov

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1 year ago

Thanks guys your service is really helpful to a beginner like me.

1 year ago

Thanks Vladimir for the summary. Great service. I appreciate your effort.