AUDJPY Range Idea For Sells

AUDJPY Forecast Update And Follow Up

Hi Traders! We have AUDJPY range idea for sells. A detailed analysis of this bearish opportunity is as follows:

AUDJPY D1 Chart:

On the daily chart the price which is currently moving lower has created lower lows which we may consider as an evidence of bearish pressure. In addition to this there is no divergence against and also the 61.8% fibo level is at the end. Until there is any opposite evidence we may expect possible continuation lower.

AUDJPY Range Idea For Sells

AUDJPY H4 Chart:

On the H4 chart the price is moving inside a range, this range is formed by the highs and lows reaching similar resistance and support zones. The price is respecting this range so far and is currently near the middle of it. Until the price holds below the top of this range my view remains bearish here.

AUDJPY Range Idea For Sells

Note: It is always recommended to look for confirmations before you jump into any trade. If you are not sure about how to trade this sell setup then you can use any setup and strategy that you have in your arsenal to look for bearish moves and join this sell trade.

Not sure how to spot reversals (bounces)? Not sure how to spot breakouts?

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10 months ago

I am impressed with your chat service, can get instant queries answered. Good going

10 months ago

Your ideas on AUDJPY are really useful, a big thanks Vlad and team