Vladimir’s In-House Indicators

Hi traders,

Welcome to Vladimir’s In-House Indicators showcase. As a professional trader, who trades also for himself, Vladimir loves to use indicators. Vladimir and his in-house developer are creating new indicators all the time. Some of them are unique, and some of them are improved or advanced versions of existing well-known indicators and tools, to which Vladimir adds his personal professional touch.

Since these indicators turned out to be very powerful and easy to use, he often gets requests to allow other traders to use them. On this page you will find the indicators Vladimir released to his traders community.

If you decide to get any of them and try them out, we will be happy to receive your feedback.



The false break and convergence indicator is a unique set of two of the most powerful trend reversal signs.

It automatically scans for false breakouts confirmed by divergences. It also scans for full or partial convergences - AUTOMATICALLY!

With this indicator, you won't miss out on high-probability trading opportunities formulated on this trading methodology’s principles.

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Japanese candle patterns are one of the most widely used technical analysis methods. The variety of candle patterns allows traders to trade with the trend, spot reversal patterns, and identify trade directions.

Our indicator will automatically scan for the most common and powerful candle patterns and let you know when a specific pattern is present.

To understand what’s so special about Vladimir’s version of this indicator - visit the website.

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Key Trading Levels Indicator (KTLI)


Key Trading Levels Indicator provides you both volumes scan on ANY timescale you choose AND shows you at the same time, the KEY resistance and support zones.

Volume profile is one of the most popular and used methods to analyze the markets and to find the best levels to trade from and to use as targets.

Many traders prefer to use these levels as key support and resistance levels (also known as Balance zones) and others prefer to trade the Imbalance way (when price leaves the balance zone, our assumption is that the price will return to re-create the balance zone).

With any trading style, volume profile is a very important technical tool for traders because the volume represents where the real buyers and sellers are located. But we’ve decided to make it even better and more useful for traders!

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Virtual Trading Pen (VTP)


The Virtual Trading Pen offers ALL IN ONE solutions for convenient technical analysis.

Free drawing pen, lines, arrows, patterns, text and much more! And the best part, it’s multi time frame friendly. You can analyze different time frames and see the relevant analysis on all the time frames I need.

With the Virtual Trading Pen you can easily and quickly prepare your trading plan fully from one time frame without the need to switch time frames and re-draw again!

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Stop Loss Trailer PRO (SLT PRO)

Stop Loss Trailer PRO (SLT PRO)

Stop Loss Trailer PRO is one of these trading tools that is categorized as a “MUST-HAVE” trading tool for traders who love riding with the trend and can’t “babysit” their positions. Stop Loss Trailer PRO is an automated trading tool that offers you 4 different options on how to trail your stop loss.

The stop loss trailer PRO will take you out of a trade, even if you are not around PC, once the trend has changed! And to give you all the flexibility you need - we’ve built 4 amazing trend riding principles that give you all the freedom to decide how you want this EA to manage your stop loss for you.

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