Forex Weekly Forecast Text Format August 18th To August 23rd 2019

Forex Weekly Forecast Text Format August 18th To August 23rd 2019

Hi Traders! Forex Weekly Forecast Text Format August 18th To August 23rd 2019 is here. My team and I always continue to work very hard for you and your success and as we do every week, we have prepared two great gifts for you!

Forex Weekly Forecast Video:

And here is the text format of the Forex Weekly Forecast prepared for you specially by my team:


On the daily chart after the first triple movement currently the price is in a corrective cycle mode. Our expectation was and remains two waves to the upside or some movement inside the range. This or the other way around in the short term we may look for drops and rallies, in the long term we may see the rally and then we may look for possible sell setups. Both scenarios are totally acceptable (depending on what trading style fits you) and currently the one that is still in play is the short term which is making the push higher. In the long term we may expect the price to climb higher to the high shown in the screenshot and then we may start looking for the sell opportunities with bearish evidences expecting some bearish movement to begin. The price is following our plan from previous week and this plan remains unchanged. Remember in the long term we are aiming the 50% retrace of the weekly triple cycle.



In this pair our view was bullish after the breakout of the daily trend line and the idea is to look for retraces and buy setups on the H4 chart. We got the retrace on the H4 chart with the price creating bullish hidden divergence and then the beautiful continuation to the upside. Assuming that this might be the first leg from the H4 chart, we might be going all the way up to the 61.8 fibo zone which is 1.06110.

Assuming this is the first daily leg as shown in the screenshot.

Then the H4 chart is the one that will complete the corrective cycle in the form of two waves.

or alternatively in the form of a range.

This or the other way around the view remains bullish. For those of you who are riding the buys, manage your positions and make sure to cash out when market gives you the reasons to. For those of you who are not riding, then retraces would be the right thing to do here and my view remains bullish, I may expect pullbacks and then the price to climb higher.



In this pair our plan from previous week was to look for bearish setups, we got a little rally and we are now in the continuation.

I believe this one has more to go at least until the daily would complete the bullish divergence.

So my personal view for this pair was and remains bearish, I expect the price to continue lower.



In this pair my expectations from previous week was to look for continuation lower to the 100% duplication fibo level after the retraces. We got the move down and then we got a blockage in the form of a bullish divergence meaning we expect some sort of a fight, once it is completed we may then look for possible continuation lower.

The invalidation level would be the dynamic resistance and I believe the price should be moving continuously inside the channel shown in the screenshot.


In this pair I expected to see a second leg to develop and if it will do so, creating a bearish divergence, we may then start looking for sells. The price never managed to provide a new high for divergence. The price managed to hold its high in the resistance area with a slow down and started the move earlier. So once the mini pattern shown in the screenshot was broken (I personally wished to see the break to the upside to complete a fake rally and move down) retest happened and currently the price is continuing lower.

My personal view remains bearish and I expect possible continuation lower, we might see some corrections or straight continuation lower. Sell the rallies with bearish evidences could be a good plan for this pair.



In this pair the price is in a corrective mode so we may expect two waves or a range. The price is developing the two waves.

Retraces might happen but my personal view doesn’t change here and I remain bullish.



In this pair the price made the move to the 1.20 area and then as explained in the previous week we might face some pullbacks. I think currently a temporary rally is happening before the further continuation. Due to the fact that we have the bullish divergence in play and the price is bouncing from the 1.20 area I would not be surprised if the corrective mode comes in to play before further sells.

In the short term as long as the trend line shown in the screenshot holds we could see the price climbing slightly higher but generally rallies for longer term with bearish evidences would be a good further sell plan.

Keep in mind once the daily creates hidden bearish divergence, H4 has to provide ending divergence and then it would be a good place to start looking for the sells. Ideally once the price clears the clearance zones we can then discuss about sell setups with bearish evidences.


In this pair we were expecting a new low as it is currently fighting the 80 zone, we got the rally and immediately a move down, then we got a blockage on the same zone with bullish divergence. So currently we are in a corrective phase which means the price might create two waves and a sell.

Or alternatively the price might move inside the range shown in the screenshot and then we may get possible sells. This or the other way around I personally believe this is yet bearish.

On the daily chart the price is moving inside a sort of a channel so retraces and sell continuation would be my personal expectation with this pair.


In this pair our plan from previous week was to sell the rallies and this plan worked out perfectly. We don’t have any signs for trend change besides the potential divergence, so my view remains bearish here. We might face a corrective cycle here before sells.

Or we might face a small move to the upside as shown in the screenshot and then the price might move lower, this or the other way around the bearish view for the longer term remains on.

Note: Keep an eye on the fundamental news.



In this pair sell the rallies was and remains the plan, nothing really changed from the previous week. So we may look for rallies and sell continuation, we may expect a straight continuation or may also get a deeper correction, both scenarios are possible. I do expect a new low until the bullish divergence fall in structure. Sell the rallies with bearish evidences would remain the plan here.



In this pair our plan was and remains sell the rallies. The price could continue straight without any retraces or the price might try and make another leg and then possible move lower.

Note: The plan remains the same for NZDJPY as well. Now keep in mind that there are lot of New Zelandians in play we would definitely don’t want to expose to all of them at one place. So be selective and choose the ones that give you best setups, don’t over expose yourself.



In this pair on the H4 chart we wanted to see the two waves forming and reach a very important zone then continuation. We got the two waves, price reached the important zone and then we got the rally exactly as per our plan. Currently we are facing a slow down with the double top, this appears on the daily chart as well.

So the H4 could be slightly corrective before further continuation will take place.

Personally I may expect the price to continue in the form of two waves.

Or alternatively I would expect the price to hold inside a range and we may then look for further buy continuation.



In this pair our plan from previous week was to look for a retrace down with buy opportunity. This retrace down started once we got a false breakout with beautiful divergence. So in my personal view we should now be exposed to some sort of corrective cycle, once the bullish divergence would beat up this would become a buy opportunity.

Meanwhile I would be focusing on getting these two waves down and only then I would be looking for further buy opportunities.



On the daily chart we have a special cycle and we also have a false break with bullish divergence in play.

The trend line was broken and the first corrective leg is very likely developed on the H4 chart, we are also facing here higher highs and higher lows. The H1 chart is the one that makes it look like a cycle as shown in the screenshot. My personal expectation is to look for two waves down and then further buy continuation.

Or we may expect the price to move inside any sort of range and then possible continuation to the upside.

This or the other way around retraces down with bullish evidences should be a great technical opportunity. If the price goes lower in one straight leg below 61.8% fibo retrace zone, then this would be a warning sign that the bulls are weaker than they seem to look here, so don’t rush.


Natural Gas

After the triple cycle on the weekly chart, we wanted to see a trend line breakout on the daily chart, the little trend line was broken but the big trend line is not broken yet. If the price manages to continue the hold then I think this could provide a great buy opportunity.

S&P 500

In this our plan from previous week was if the price holds below the 61.8 fibo level then this would remain under bearish pressure. The price is still holding below the 61.8 level and my personal view still remains bearish here.


It’s the same with NASDAQ, my view is very similar here, I believe this is yet under bearish pressure.



In Dax our plan from previous week was to look for rallies and sells. We got the rally and the sells which are currently stopping with some bullish divergence but mainly we have three lower highs, lower lows this means any corrective view should continue and provide the sell opportunities. So corrective cycle here could be in the form of two waves

Or alternatively in the form of a range.

This or the other way around sell the rallies still remains the plan for us. If you are already riding the sells then this is a good place for cash out partially or all the trade.

Lou Vuitton

In this we expected the price to develop the second leg, the price is moving exactly as per our plan and it pays greatly. This is a great place to take the money or even if its partial enjoy the profits.

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I wish you a wonderful trading week


Yours for your success,

Vladimir Ribakov


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Thank you Vlad for the weekly forecast, the format was excellent

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