About Me

Welcome to my private trading blog and to my top rated Forex trading community!

My name is Vladimir Ribakov
I am 40 years old (according to August 2023)
I am married + 14 (12 of it are just kilograms 🙂 )

I am an internationally certified financial technician and currently a retail trader which means I am making my living trading my own money.

My trading experience is 17+ years (And yes, I started very early 🙂 )
I am a former private capital hedge fund trader.

After I left the job, I decided to do all I can to make my dream come true and be a full-time retail trader. After few years, I made my dream.

I developed my trading community to one purpose – to be there for my students and my followers and to be for them the mentor I was missing when I was at the beginning of my journey.

I know how traders think. I know why they fail. I know where they fail. I know all the mistakes they do (I did the same! ) and mainly – I know how to fix it! After running my Home Trader Club, having an amazing YouTube channel and mentoring traders from all levels – I know to do what others don’t – I know how to turn traders to successful ones!

I proudly have hundreds of students and followers who trade for living, who work in the industry, who trade professionally and many who do trading as extra income. The feedback I receive puts mine reputation to the very top of the industry.

Today, besides living from trading, here is what keeps me active and happy!

– I am a proud owner of www.vladimirribakov.com – one of the most popular forex trading blogs. I am the owner of the top ranked trading club – Home Trader Club.

– I own an amazing Youtube channel with tons of educational materials for traders.

– I am a guest speaker on main events around the world.

– I am systems and trading tools developer

I invite you to boost up your trading carrier and join me and my team for ultimate trading experience!

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Yours to your success,

Vladimir Ribakov

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