Private or Group Mentoring By Vladimir & Yordan

After a successful debut with exceptional results, Vladimir has decided to allocate some of his time to private and group mentorship.

With his years of experience and educational background, his life long passion is to teach everyone who strives for success in Forex Trading and his mentorship classes are an exciting opportunity to learn from the best.

Using his proven teaching methods, his goal is to turn each and every student into a consistent and successful trader. After going through the mentorship program, you will flourish and make headway in trading the markets.

Who Is This Group Mentoring For?

  • It is for the person who knows, deep down, there is more to life than the daily mundanity.
  • It is for you who have tried to be your own boss as a Forex trader with little to no results.
  • If you have been experiencing losses trading the markets.
  • It is for the person who needs real education and support to make major shifts.

About The Group Mentorship

Having your own trading mentor to support you and group members to discuss with comes with many amazing benefits.

Here’s exactly what you will get when you join the group mentorship program:

  • 10 Educational Sessions: These meetings are limited to only 4-6 people and you will learn everything from basic to advanced forex trading.
  • 5 Trading Workshops: These interactive sessions will offer you an exciting opportunity to engage in real forex trading.
  • Private Telegram Group: You will be invited to a close-knit community where members can interact, exchange information, ask questions, and share their results.
  • An opportunity to interact with a professional mentor and fellow group members.
  • Relatively short sessions lasting between 1 to 2 hours so you can dedicate the rest of your time to practicing.

How Much Does It Cost?

Most forex mentoring programs require you to fork out a whopping 10k to 20k on average, and some cost even more. The truth is, Vladimir is giving all he’s got to ensure that each student succeeds and, frankly, that is kind of difficult to put a price tag on.

We want anyone who is serious about becoming a successful forex trader to be able to access this group mentorship program. While the real value of this program is over $20,000, we have decided to offer it at only $5,000 per person.

Can I Cancel?

We are very selective about who we accept into the program. We only want people who are serious about learning forex trading and will not easily give up or derail the group.

For this reason, when you register, we conduct a phone interview to ensure that:

  • You speak and understand English
  • Your personal goals align with those of the group
  • You are a self-motivated learner
  • You are eager to gain knowledge from a great mentor

That being said, we understand that sometimes things that are out of your control can come up. In this case, we will issue a refund, but only after you have attended the second lesson and you realize the program is not for you after all.

Private Mentorship:

Do you prefer to interact one-on-one with a professional forex trader? The Private Mentorship Path is an excellent option. Private mentorship affords you round-the-clock direct access to Vladimir who will take you through the basics to the advanced techniques of forex trading.

This is truly a VIP, exceptional program that will help you identify and recognize trade setups to prepare you for a consistently successful trading career.

Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • One-on-one support to improve your trading techniques
  • Insider tips on how trading really works
  • Access to a professional trader who is committed to your success

Interested in the private mentorship program?

Contact Vladimir directly via

When Can I Start?

The Group Mentorship program opens up when we successfully form a group of 4-6 people. After each session is complete, we open up the program again to another group based on our schedule and so on.

Want to learn more about our Group Mentorship program? Please add your contact details below and one of our team members will get back to you. Be sure to leave a valid phone number and/or your Skype ID.