Vladimir Ribakov’s quotes

Our followers’ favorite Vladimir Ribakov’s quotes:

Trading can be only in two ways – Slow and grow or fast and blow

Trading goes fine as wine or risky as whiskey
If you want the market to give you a respect you must first be realistic with what you expect

About the probability of a move – maybe yes, maybe no – one thing is for sure – in advance, we NEVER really know.

There is only one direction chart is following for 100% of the time, and it’s not up or down – it’s right

Everyone can trade but not everyone can be a trader

Before you quit your job to trade make sure your trading is on a high grade

Everyone has the dream to trade full time but not everyone understands that trading sometimes is worse than submitting a crime

In trading, if you are in a rush then most chances are that your account will crash

Dreams do come true – If you tell them to the right person

Dream big, aim bigger – just remember to wake up and pull the trigger

There is a reason why more than 90% of traders fail and that’s because they keep looking for the holy grail

If you are serious about your trading, then stop the one loss crying one profit celebrating!

If you can’t accept a loss, then just put on your trading dream a big cross

Don’t aim to be someone else – be the best version of yourself

If you try to make more profits by trading more, sooner or later, you will be crying on the floor

Don’t try to convince the market that you are right, the market can bite.

The best thing traders can do is to learn when not to trade. Sitting on the fence, sometimes, makes the most of sense.

You should invest your money on learning the trading and not on strategy or it will pretty fast turn to be trading tragedy.

Trading is for everyone but not everyone is for trading

Great things take time, you can’t get 100$ bill before you plant a dime.

If you think that trading is all about having good tool, then be ready to be eaten by trading sharks in the trading pool

If you become angry after every loss then you won’t be able to become your own trading boss

If trading makes you hard time to sleep, then your risk management plan is very cheap

Trading is not easy, trading can be tough, but you can become successful if you try hard enough.

If you want your trading to be impressive, then stop wishing and become progressive

Don’t think how to make a monthly income from trading before you know how to decide if sell or buy is right thing to do. Exactly like you don’t think how it is to win body builder competition before you have membership to gym

There are no limits in trading, trader always wants more. But if you don’t set your limits, you will end up on the floor.

If you have a great winning streak, stop, enjoy the grow. It’s too easy to ruin it and make your profits blow.

Practice is very valuable! You see that once, you see that twice – the third time you will recognize!

The most important thing for traders is to learn how not to lose on bad market conditions. When you know to do that, your profits are unlimited.