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Ethereum Drops To Under $200 Amid SEC Suspension

Ethereum Drops To Under $200 Amid SEC Suspension. Ethereum has fallen below the $200 total for the first time in more than a year....

Millennials Are Interested In Cryptocurrencies

A survey from the YouGov Omnibus found that millennials are highly interested in cryptocurrencies, although there are some limits as to what they would...

Currency Values Fall In Spite of Great Bitcoin Indicators

Currency Values Fall In Spite of Great Bitcoin Indicators. Several positive indicators have been found on bitcoin to suggest that the currency was going...

Cryptocurrency Farming Becoming More Prominent In Canadian Ghost Town

The small town of Ocean Falls, British Columbia has seen much better days in the past. But today, the town is becoming a popular...

Bitcoin Dark Experiences a Massive Growth In Value

The Bitcoin Dark currency has experienced a significant rise in its value. The currency has grown to have a market cap of nearly $100...

Graphics Cards Manufacturers Being Hit Hard by Cryptocurrency Struggles

The overall market demand for computer graphics cards has fallen back to the levels that were present prior to the cryptocurrency boom. This comes...

More Than 100 Offshore Cryptocurrency Exchanges Blocked In China

More Than 100 Offshore Cryptocurrency Exchanges Blocked In China. The Shanghai Securities News is reporting that 124 websites operated by cryptocurrency exchanges outside of...

CoinShares: Bitcoin Will Grow Even Further As It Is Mined

A large portion of the bitcoin currency has not been fully mined just yet. This has led the CEO of CoinShares to argue that...

The Secret of Ripple – Will the XRP Price Skyrocket?

When the cryptocurrency industry exploded onto the scene in 2017, the coin that got the most attention was Bitcoin. While Bitcoin deserves attention as...

Speculation Helps to Move the Bitcoin Forward Instead of Illegal Activities

There have been concerns over the bitcoin over how many people who engage in illegal activities are using the bitcoin. These include people who...



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