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Cryptocurrency Investors Hoping For a Boost After American Tax Day Passes

The 2018 tax deadline for people in the United States is on April 17. Investors are hoping that there will be a boost in...

Cryptocurrency Market Declared Halal, Thus Potentially Expanding the Reach of Cryptocurrencies

A prominent scholar of Islamic studies has officially declared the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to be allowed under halal rules. Cryptocurrencies have been found...

EOS Growing Off of South Korean Support

The EOS cryptocurrency is growing in popularity as investors from South Korea are bullish on the currency. But even with this, there are worries...

Bitcoin Experiences Slight Reversal On Bullish Trend

Bitcoin Experiences Slight Reversal On Bullish Trend. The bitcoin had been going up in value since April 6 as the currency had moved from...

Particl Rises In Value As Alpha Release of Particl Marketplace Comes...

The Particl cryptocurrency has announced the release of its new virtual marketplace. This is a new platform designed to work with the purpose of...

Soros To Invest In Cryptocurrencies After Originally Refusing Them

Soros Fund Management has announced that it will start working with cryptocurrency investments. The $26 billion investment firm is one of the most valuable...

Value of Centra Collapses As Binance Delists It

Value of Centra Collapses As Binance Delists It. The Centra cryptocurrency is no longer listed on the Binance exchange. The move comes amid ongoing...

Verge Cryptocurrency Is On the Rise

The Verge cryptocurrency has experienced a significant rise in its value. The currency was one of the hardest-hit currencies during the ongoing downturn, but...

Ethereum Considering a Cap on How Much Ether Can Be Produced

Although Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world based on its market cap and influence, the currency does not have a limit over...



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