Road-Map to Vladimir’s products

As a mentor, it is essential for me to bring the best quality of trading to my community.This is why, over the past 8 years, I created several great systems that are generally designed for different types of traders: there are trend riding systems, reversal systems, momentum based systems and divergence based systems. Each of these strategies represents something else, is based on a different approach and can work best for different type of people. In the table below you will find a road-map to my products, that will help you find the best trading strategy for your needs. Sometimes, choosing a trading method can be challenging, especially if you are new to Forex. If you are not sure about your trading style yet, or would like to see a demonstration of the strategies on a daily basis, you are invited to my Traders Academy Club.

Product sRs Pro sRs Pro Traders Workshop Traders Workshop Forex Triple B PRO system Forex
Triple B PRO
Type of Trading Trend Following Various strategies Trend Following
Trading System
Suitable to Scalp
Risk Reward Based System
Method it is based on MAs, RSI, Momentum Various strategies Bollinger Band, Divergence
Suitable for long/ mid term timeframes
Best Pairs to trade with Most volatile at present time All All
What you get Trading System and Indicators, Manual, Webinars, Performance table, Members area Full course beginners to pro, trading strategies for trend trading, reversals, patterns, harmonic and much more. Tens of videos. Tens of presentations. Daily trading reports. Trading System and Indicators, Manual, Webinars, Performance table, Members area
Manual/Semi-automated Semi-automated Manual Semi-automated
Physical/ Online Product Online Online Online
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