Vladimir Ribakov Performance

Hi traders,

This page purpose is to present you the performance of my trading strategies. We developed for you an incredibly detailed performance page which will show you where was the entry to a trade, where was the trade closed, if it’s a profit or a loss and the full information about the trade we took like the symbol, direction buy\sell, stop loss and take profits levels, close price, profit\loss in pips and profit\loss in percentage.

Please note – this performance page doesn’t come to guarantee you same performance and\or to suggest you with trading recommendations. Your performance will depend on the way you’ll use the strategies and their trading rules.

Besides this page, each of the systems and strategies has a fully dedicated telegram group where myself and my team are there for you to help with any questions, setup, or analysis. You are never alone in your trading journey, and we are there to make sure you get the best value for yourself! Once you choose which system you like the most and feel most comfortable with, get your copy and make sure to join its telegram group (found inside the download page or the members area of each product).

Please note – each system can perform better or worse than other in a given week or month. Market conditions are frequently changing, and each week is a new journey. It is important to mention that diversification is super important. Meaning – for trending market conditions you will want to have strategies like the sRs or Triple B, for reversals trading you will want to use strategies like the Divergence University course or Forex Crystal Ball, for momentum trading – Fx Delta. Having more than 1 strategy will help you be able to use the right tools and the right time and changing market conditions.

For more information and differences between the systems \ strategies \ courses, please refer to the road map page


What is the sRs Trend Rider PRO?

Considered my flagship system, the sRs Trend Rider first debuted to the public in October of 2009. Throughout the years, we’ve made crucial improvements from signal generation and filtering all the way to incorporating new intuitive trading features to fulfill client requests, where the new version was launched in April of 2016. Our latest upgrade, (Oct. 2019) is by far the most effective system iteration and still ranks as one of the best accurate trading systems for Foreign Exchange markets.

The system is comprised of sRs Candlesticks, a unique system development that scans for the existence of reliable trend conditions across multiple timeframes. Additionally, the sRs Trend Rider PRO employs 4 crucial functionality factors such as:

  • sRs Monitors - Which automatically scans longer time frames momentum on the 5 most recent candlesticks.
  • sRs Sentiment - An autonomous feature that scans the sentiment of price action behavior for multiple timeframes.
  • News Headlines - sRs scans the incoming news for you and alerts you when they are published, a strong defensive feature for our traders.
  • sRs Trade Manager - A comprehensive tool that will aid you with entering your trade with automatic breaks above trend lines, support and resistance levels, providing FULL coverage support on pending orders, and much more!

What’s Debuted in the Performance Table Below?

Below you will find trading performance for example of sRs PRO use. Screenshots are automatically taken through MetaTrader4 (MT4) for when trade entries and trade exits occur. Additionally, for transparency purposes, we have recorded the ticket number, entry price, close price, take profit, and stop-loss while the results of the trading are displayed in pips and as a percentage.

Forex Triple B 2.0

What is the Forex Triple B?

The Forex Triple B is a semi-automated trading system based on the Bollinger Bands indicator, a custom built-in risk/reward filter, and additional Divergence Trading features. First released in 2014, the Forex Triple B was an immediate success and quickly became known as the go-to-system for mid-term and long-term timeframes who possessed a fair bit of Forex trading knowledge and experience.

Throughout the years and after heeding the many requests of our investors, we’ve continued to improve the software through system implementations like 1-click alerts, supporting shorter time-frames (to support traders with smaller starting capital), and improve user-simplicity.

One of our beta testers referred to the Forex Triple B as, “The lazy trader’s way to consistent, semi-automated daily income from trading.”

What’s Debuted in the Performance Table?

Shared in the Performance Table below are performance results of the Forex Triple B 2.0. Screenshots are automatically taken through MetaTrader4 (MT4) when trade is taken with valuable information like the entries and exit (close price) of the trades while we record all ticket numbers, entry prices, close prices, take profits, and stop-loss levels for your comfort as well. For your convenience - you have the results of our Forex Triple B trades displayed in pips and percentage.