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Vladimir Ribakov Review

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Enrich Your Trading Knowledge with


By Vladimir Ribakov, Certified Financial Technician

Learn the trading methods that rely fully on the measurement of Bearish power and Bullish power in specific trading levels with a VERY high accuracy level.

Let’s dive deep back to the roots of trading

  • You will learn that you don’t need to go that far to find trading opportunities.
  • You will also learn why the trading methods invented centuries ago, are STILL the best methods
    you need for successful trading today!

Vladimir Ribakov held a 2-days live webinar (around 4 hours each session) which had a huge success with traders. Now you can purchase the recordings of that webinar and have lifetime access to it. Here is the content of the webinar in brief:

  • Day 1

    Attendees covered the theoretical aspects and how it all works in real-time. Vladimir gave the time until the second session for his students to cover again what they have learned.

  • Day 2

    “The Mastership” : Vladimir taught his students how to turn the technical analysis skills into beast trading skills. This day was a GAME CHANGER for most of them, while Vladimir took them step by step into real-time trading decisions and showed them how to combine all the skills together to success!!

In 8 hours Only, you will learn:

  • The “Roots” of technical analysis. What did I learn as a Certified Financial Technician and why it WORKS at ANY market conditions!
  • Bulls Power Indicator - What it is? How to use it? What help does the indicator offer to traders? When it’s best to use it? False signs & Reliable signs of the indicator
  • Fibonacci Pivots Indicator - what is it? What other type of pivots are there? How is it calculated? How is it different from the rest? How to use it in trading?
  • Trading strategy - how to combine all the above, into a very powerful trading strategy?
  • How to use this strategy for swing/long term trading?
  • Risk reward in trading - How to find the best of risk-reward opportunities
  • Cut losses VERY early - the BEST technique to kill losses early and let winners run!
  • Risk management - practical tips and solutions for smart risk management.
  • The mindset of a real trader - what are the barriers and obstacles traders go through in their trading and how to overcome them + practical tips from the real trading world.

For those of you, who haven’t heard about
Vladimir - he is in a nutshell.

Vladimir Ribakov is one of the most popular names in the industry. He is a certified financial technician and brings more than 13 years of experience with him. He is also one of the top-ranked mentors in the industry with hundreds of students he turned to be successful traders. He is famous for his ability to explain complicated things in a simple and understandable manner.

The Live Webinar generated 8 hours of exquisite, high quality, and beneficial course that is now open to the entire community of Vladimir.

This course is for those who want to scalp and for those who prefer the long term ride trades (Like Vladimir himself).

Plus, you will get the same bonus the attendees received, Vladimir’s own development indicator, which he named: the Double Pivot Indicator

Special Bonus
for anyone who joins the webinar

The Double Pivot Indicator

Pivot levels is one of the most popular and used indicators for traders. The pivot indicator points out calculated levels that are used both to trade them and aim there as target/protection zone.

by Vladimir Ribakov

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