BlockV Year Founded: 2016
Founders: Reeve Collins
Web Address:

BLOCKv is the project that aims at becoming the bas for the economy of virtual goods. In essence, BLOCKv is the protocol that is used for the blockchain stack of the developer. The BLOCKv official web site claims that they will be providing building blocks for investors to create a new type of economy that would generate revenues and possibilities for different types of businesses inside of the BLOCKv ecosystem.

About BLOCKv

About Blockv

The intention behind the BLOCKv project is the idea of creating the platform that developers will be able to use in order to create small digital items on the blockchain technology and to secure the implementation of those objects without any interference. The platform was first developed on the Bitcoin blockchain technology but it can also be built on other major blockchain technologies such as Ethereum and others.

Small digital items that we mentioned before will actually be called Virtual Atoms or even vAtoms and they will represent the combination of multimedia elements and the code. According to the world of this project founders, this platform aims at increasing the value that developers might get for their products in the digital world.


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BLOCKv has announced that their Initial Coin Offerings will be focusing on raising $20 million which would be the soft cape or even $40 million which they characterized as the hard cap. The initial coin offerings of BLOCKv will start on October 12 and it will last only four days until October 16, 2017. The pre-sale period for this ICO has started on September 18, 2017. According to the project officials, the distribution of tokens will be conducted until November 16 of this year.

BLOCKv has not announced what will be a number of tokens that will be available for the investors. However, they did state that 25 percent of that amount will be used to improve and provide further motivation for the development community. Besides that, the other 25 percent of the total token amount will be reserved for the founder as well as for the development team of the project while 35 percent of the total amount of tokens will be available through the crowdsale.

The name of those tokes is Vee or V and they represent the smart contract tokens that have been closely integrated into the ecosystem of BLOCKv. Investors need to know that V will be the used as the main method when using the platform.

BLOCKv Features

BLOCKv Features

BLOCKv has announced that their new platform will offer different features to their clients and some of those features are being finite and programmable, artificial intelligence, being redeemable, combinable, authentic, traceable, possessable, network aware, transferable and several others.

Besides that, BLOCKv will also feature SDKs & APIs that will be used as an open engine for interacting with vAtoms on every platform. Besides that, Nucleus contains all components that are necessary to implement vAtoms in BLOCKv ecosystem. Additionally, this platform is adjustable to a different platform and it can be built on EOS, Ethereum, Bitcoin and several other platforms.

In the end, one of the most important features of this platform is the Registry that would contain all information about the creation of vAtoms, individual or organization that created that vAtom and the management. With the team that has huge experience in similar business, BLOCKv might bring the revolution in the virtual good economy of the world.

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