REcoin Year Founded: August 2017
Founders: Maksim Zaslavskiy
Web Address:

About REcoin

Maksim Zaslavskiy

REcoin is a cryptocurrency which is powered by Real Estate. REcoin is the first cryptocurrency of this kind that is real estate backed. The company is blockchain based located in Las Vegas. REcoin is newly launched Etherium-backed digital currency which has smart contract capabilities that will most certainly bring a wide range of opportunities and solutions to execute peer-to-peer real estate activities. Trusted third parties are not required.

The founder of the group is Maksim Zaslavskiy and he recently announced that the crowdsale process includes official ICO campaign as well as pre-toke sale. ICO pre sale started on 7th of August. When it comes to the REcoin value, it is ensured entirely by American real estate assets which will be held in a trust that will be equal to the value of total REcoins sold. The company is supporting and running its payment units as well as supporting its ecosystem. The platform uses Etherium cryptocurrency code. In other words, the platform is blockchain technology powered, proof-of-work protection method is utilized and there is an ability to create as well as to use smart contracts.


REcoin Research

REcoin utilizes the technology of blockchain which provides the safest way of keeping all record of transactions within a particular society. It means that each member will own a copy of the database which will be further distributed among other members of that given society. The possibility of mining further gives options like the use of the methodology when it comes to the protection against various false data as well as fraud PoW. In fact, it is the most widespread as well as the most reliable digital currencies environment. The company’s goal is to give average individuals and investor a more secure, safer and superior alternative in order to store their wealth in the cryptocurrency form. It 9is a digital currency which can represent various investment goals and financial transactions. REcoin platform is based on reliable real estate industry. The company has chosen to back the real estate industry in stable economies like the UK, Canada the United States and Switzerland.

With the platform, investors will be able to access a stable and widely growing investment vehicle. The fact is that investors don’t want to place funds in low-interest bank accounts or some low-liquidity investment platforms. REcoin platform offers alternative s investors will be able to get exposed to the growing as well as the stable value of real estate and at the same time, the will enjoy the liquidity that is provided by the digital currencies. The platform is led by a skilled team of developers, lawyers, and brokers. The overall aim of the platform is to invest in real estate strong and stable economies. Stated investment aims include investment in various properties with short sales, a stable income and some real estate development in the leading economies. Hundred percent of the total profit from the platform will be reinvested so no dividends are paid to its beneficiaries. The society of REcoin platform will be in control of the digital currencies and they will also vote on every investment decision that can affect market value.


REcoin Features

The REcoin ecosystem is powered by the Etherium blockchain technology. In other words, the platform uses smart contracts, proof-of-work-mining, and Etherium based blockchain technology. REcoin users will be able to buy the REcoin currency which will act as an alternative to storing their funds in bank accounts. Their money further will be converted into a stable alternative, real estate. Investors will enjoy various benefits of stable and secure real estate growth. The platform is more than a stable investment vehicle since it can be used for various real estate transactions as well as for various everyday purchases.

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