Spheris Year Founded: 2017
Founders: David Shabun, Sergey Tsyba, Vladimir Shabun
Web Address: https://spheris.io/

Spheris is the platform that was found online and it can be reached at spheris.io. The platform is an open source platform and it has been built on the Ethereum blockchain technology. Spheris can be described as the application marketplace that has been decentralized which means that they want to create a place or better to say an app store that would completely eliminate third party fees for downloading apps and similar content.

About Spheris

About Spheris

Founded by David Shabun, Sergey Tsyba, and Vladimir Shabun, who have more than ten years of experience of working in IT sector and finances, Spheris aims to become the biggest place where app and other developers can go and offer their products without paying anyone to do that. In that way, they would be in control of their entire revenue.

In the last couple of years, the market of software development has been booming like never before. Because of the fees of third parties, software developers are not able to earn as much money as they should. Because of that, Spheris with the founders who had the experience of developing apps for app stores, aims at providing developers with the opportunity to gain as much benefit as they can.

Spheris Research

Just like it is the case with many other companies that started their Initial Coin Offerings, the Spheris ICOs will be revolving around the use of what they call Spheris tokens or SPRS. The company has announced that there will be 2 trillion SPRS tokens for the investors to purchase. It is also very important to mention that these tokens are ERC20-compliant tokens.

Spheris Research

However, the total amount of tokens will not be available during the crowdsale. The company has announced that around 62 percent of all tokens which is somewhere around 1.24 trillion tokes will be available during the crowdsales that will be starting on September 19 and that would end on October 19, 2017. It also needs be said that the sale will be conducted at the rate of 1 ETH = 300,000 SPRS tokens.

The company has also announced that it will be able to make payments by using both, Ether as well as Bitcoin. When it comes to Initial Coin Offerings, the main goal of Spheris is to collect $720,000 and if that goal is not achieved in the given period of 30 days, the company will be returning the money to investors.

Spheris Features

Spheris Features

Spheris platform will be useful for both, developers and customers as it will provide both groups of people with the opportunity to get the best from the product. In order to provide as best service as possible, Spheris had to include some features in their platform. One of those features is the Catalog which is basically a registry that will be located on the Ethereum’s blockchain technology.

The second feature of Spheris is Browser and customers will be able to use it to find the app they want and to list other apps as well. According to some screen shots of the early stage of the development project, the Spheris Browsers looks like the Google Play Store. Besides that, Spheris will also feature Manager which is actually a crypto wallet that customers can use to store their digital currencies.

Additionally, Spheris Signal will also be featured and it will provide developers with the opportunity for their app to be accessed with the private key without being publicly available. The last but not the least feature of Spheris platform will be Storage and it will provide developers with the opportunity to upload their apps on some of the popular storage provides such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

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