Upcoming ICO review: Datum Year Founded: 2016
Founders: Rogers Haenni, Gebhard Scherrer, VC Tran
Web Address: https://datum.org/

Datum is an online platform that operates on the principle of blockchain technology.  With their platform, Datum is providing their clients with the opportunity to store data securely in a decentralized way characterized by smart blockchain contract. On a daily basis, this platform creates more than 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data. Data storing business has been booming in the last four years and with every new day, there is a need for more platforms like Datum.

About Datum

About Datum

Datum has been implementing the DAT tokens that enable clients to store data on their platform and to share those data. Rogers Haenni, Gebhard Scherrer, and VC Tran are experts who have been working with data systems for their entire life and they are well familiar with the business as well as the data storage matter. Because of that, they have decided to start their own ICO campaign and the presale period of that campaign is already underway.

With their business, Datum is trying to provide many researchers, companies and other individuals with the required information but also at the same time they protect the information of the data owner’s under very specific terms and conditions. The protection of information has been one of the biggest features of this platform and it is guaranteed that the protection of data owners will remain the main goal of this platform.

Datum Research

Datum Research

Datum has specified that their Datum ICO network will consist of 3 billion of DAT tokens and a bit more than a half of those tokens will be available for crowdsale later this year. The platform that Datum will be using for their ICO campaign is Ethereum and the currency that they will be accepting is Ether. The company has announced that the crowdsale period will start on September 12, 2017 and that it will last until October 12, 2017.

The company has planned to start the launch the platform on March 1, 2018, and until then the distribution of tokens will be finished. When it comes to the price of DAT tokens it needs to be said that the company has decided that one ether will be worth 10,000 DAT tokens. The minimum goal that this company has set forth for this campaign is to collect 5,000 ETH.

As mentioned before, 51percent of DAT tokens will be available on crowdsale while the rest of the tokens will be distributed the following way: 29 percent of the tokens have been placed in the reserve fund and 20 percent of that amount will go to the members of the team and the advisors.

Datum Features

Datum Features

As a data storing platform, Datum provides their clients with several features. One of them is a decentralized data storage that provided clients with the opportunity to store their data securely, privately and anonymously on the platform. Besides that, Storage Nodes are also one of the features of this platform and these nodes are related to the miners. Those miners who will be running these Storage Nodes will be paid for the job of storing data as well as providing the access to data that will be of a very low latency.

And one of the most exciting features of this platform is called Marketplace. It provides the users of the platform with the opportunity to share their data according to their wishes. Besides that, they will also be able to sell those data to different entities and everything will be done through direct communication between the user and the entity interested in those pieces of information.

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