Intraday Forex Trading With The sRs 2.0

Intraday Forex Trading With The sRs 2.0

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Hi Traders! Recently many of my followers ask me to do videos about sRs 2.0 and my other strategies, where I explain my trading decisions using them like why do we take them? How do we think? What are the extra things that we take into consideration and apply to our trading decision? SO, I decided to do what I was asked for and I hope it will help you!

Today – sRs 2.0 in action and what are the decision I make when I trade. You can find all the details in the video below –


Your feedback is more than welcome and if you find it useful, please let me know so I know to create more for you.

Thanks for your time!

Yours for your success,

Vladimir Ribakov

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  1. Thanks for the SRS video! I got SRS and TripleB to save me time! In the first month it hasn’t! I have gained 10% and then lost 9%. Probably no better than if I traded alone with BBs and cci! I like your abcd/legs explanation. My biggest failure are my SL which always seem to be just hit!!! I haven’t joined the club, because of my time restraints but if I am going to get a mentor and consistency I may have too! Please be aware that you are broadcasting to the world, not just that Northern Hemisphere, and we here in Australia partly trade Asian markets. If you are not aware of AVA’s Australian dysfunctional problems,( in my case cannot return my money after 4 months) you need to use your influence. AVA has been a total needless disaster! Thanks again.

  2. Hi Robin, thanks for your feedback friend! I am here to help and improve my traders that’s the goals of the video.

    About Australian time, I know, I also suffer from that I have to wake up night time to watch Australia Open 🙂

    Jokes aside, time for me is just an excuse, as I live in Canada and also miss many of the moves theoretically, but we are blessed to have solutions and tools

    Join the academy when you can, and keep improving and see why we are best club for traders!

    I wish you best!

    Ava – I know, but I trust them fix their issues

  3. Thanks for the srs trend rider. I’ve been trying it out for the past two weeks but didn’t give me the expected results due to decision making before taking g the trades. But upon watching this video I hope to make the right decision even when I have the notification. I hope to make the best of the club as well. Thanks

    • With a big pleasure Mark, that’s why I make these videos, to help get all clearer, and apply the correct setups into the trading


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