MT4 Hot Buttons And Keyboard Shortcut Combinations

MT4 shortcuts

The MT4 platform is for sure not the best but for one reason or another is one of the most popular trading platforms especially among the retail traders. To be honest one of the main things that bugs me out all the time is that there is not option to increase the fonts for example. There are many tools out there that will help you with such things but why does it have to be the hard way right?


We all have learned to live with the shortcomings of our favorite platform (or maybe it should be “favorite”) and it seems that for the majority MT4 will stay #1 choice as of for now. So here is a list of shortcut keyboard combinations and hot buttons:

For your convenience I have also prepared a PDF document with all combinations and shortcuts, that you can download here.


MT4 – Function Keys

F1  – open “User guide”.

F2 – open the “History Center” window.

F3 – open the “Global Variables” window.

F4 – open MetaEditor.

F6 – call the “Tester” window for testing the expert attached to the chart window.

F7 – call the “Properties” window of the expert attached to their chart window in order to change settings.

F8 – call the “Chart Setup” window.

F9 – call the “New Order” window.

F10 – open the “Popup prices” window.

F11 – enable/disable the full screen mode.

F12 – move the chart by one bar to the left.

MT4 Shift Combinations

Shift+F12 – move the chart by one bar to the right.
Shift+F5 – switch to the previous profile.


MT4 Alt Combinations

Alt+1 – display the chart as a sequence of bars (transform into bar chart).

Alt+2 – display the chart as a sequence of candlesticks (transform into candlesticks).

Alt+3 – display the chart as a broken line (transform into line chart).

Alt+A – copy all test/optimization results into the clipboard.

Alt+W – call the chart managing window.

Alt+F4 – close the client terminal.

Alt+Backspace or Ctrl+Z – undo object deletion.


Mt4 Ctrl Combinations

Ctrl+A – arrange all indicator windows heights by default.

Ctrl+B – call the “Objects List” window.

Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert – copy to the clipboard.

Ctrl+E – enable/disable expert advisor.

Ctrl+F – enable “Crosshair”.

Ctrl+G – show/hide grid.

Ctrl+H – show/hide OHLC line.

Ctrl+I – call the “Indicators List” window.

Ctrl+L – show/hide volumes.

Ctrl+P – print the chart.

Ctrl+S – save the chart in a file having extensions: “CSV”, “PRN”, “HTM”.

Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 – close the chart window.

Ctrl+Y – show/hide period separators.

Ctrl+Z or Alt+Backspace – undo the object deletion.

Ctrl+D – open/close the “Data Window”.

Ctrl+M – open/close the “Market Watch” window.

Ctrl+N – open/close the “Navigator” window.

Ctrl+O – open the “Options” window.

Ctrl+R – open/close the “Tester” window.

Ctrl+T – open/close the “Terminal” window.

Ctrl+F5 – switch to the next profile.

Ctrl+F6 – activate the next chart window.

Ctrl+F9 – open the “Terminal – Trade” window and switch the focus into it. After this, the trading activities can be managed with keyboard.


Other MT4 Keys and/or Combinations

“left arrow” – chart scrolling to the left.

“right arrow” – chart scrolling to the right.

“up arrow” – fast chart scrolling to the left or, if the scale is defined, chart scrolling up.

“down arrow” – fast chart scrolling to the right or, if the scale is defined, chart scrolling down.

Numpad 5 – restoring of automatic chart vertical scale after its being changed. If the scale was defined, this hot key will return the chart into the visible range.

Page Up – fast chart scrolling to the left.

Page Down – fast chart scrolling to the right.

Home – move the chart to the start point.

End – move the chart to the end point.

“-” – chart zoom out.

“+” – chart zoom in.

Delete – delete all selected graphical objects.

Backspace – delete the latest objects imposed into the chart window.

Enter – open/close fast navigation window.

Esc – close the dialog window.


If you know any other combo, drop a line in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this post if you find it useful!


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  1. Hey Vladimir,

    Thanks for posting this great list of MT4 keyboard shortcuts. You really hit the nail on the head: we’re still using MT4, so there must be something nice about it, but God the shortcomings can get under your skin, lol. Until I found your list, I had wondered forever if there was a keyboard shortcut to let me jump from chart to chart, within a profile. It’s in your list, so thank you very much! But it’s almost funny—what MT4 calls the “next” chart, I would say is the previous one, so CTRL-F6 jumps one chart to the left, haha. But this inspired me to try SHIFT-CTRL-F6, and hey-presto, we have a keyboard short(ish)cut to jump to the NEXT chart (on the right!) What a laugh.

    Speaking of profiles in MT4, I’ve always had a mysterious problem with the client crashing (specifically hanging) when I’m managing profiles. On my old laptop, it did it every single time; now I have a new i7 machine, and it’s just given one wobble so far, crashing when I went to save an edited profile. It’s annoying, because managing a range of profiles really suits the way I want to trade.

    Okay, best of luck to you, Vladimir.


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