BITCOIN Prepares For Fresh Highs

BITCOIN Prepares For Fresh Highs

Since the correction down at $42700, BTC(Bitcoin) has been on an upside path to fresh highs, and it registered an all-time high.

With prices contained within a consolidatory structure though, we are either in for a breakout to the upside, or a deeper correction towards the previous swing low, and even lower.

Main Scenario Sees a Triangle Breakout

My Elliott Wave analysis suggests that the main scenario we currently observe will trigger a breakout towards fresh highs.

In the main scenario, red wave (4) is a running triangle that completed at the most recent swing low near $55430.

Should this case prevail, BTCUSD will be set for a breakout very soon, targeting an extended $89180 level. This is the 61.80 Fibonacci extension of waves (3)(4). However, triangles are often seen boosting prices up to a limited 100% of their opening range, which lays around $79260. Therefore, only a break of the said level could send prices near $90k.

Flat Pattern Remains Probable below $64470

An alternative view hints at an irregular flat, either a running flat or an expanding flat.

BITCOIN Prepares For Fresh HighsSince the downside move from $61650 is clearly corrective, we can still expect blue B of the ABC flat to complete higher. This is due to wave C expected to be a 5-wave motive structure in a flat.

Should prices move up to $64480 and reverse in a 5-wave motive move, then a flat will be very likely the pattern to form. In case though prices do not break blue A’s low, it will turn being a running variation. Only a break of the $42700 would allow a further decline towards, but not to, the $32960 support.

What Are the Least Likely Scenarios?

A running flat could end higher than the $42700, the $46420, which is the most often level reached, and even above the $50k as long as a 5-wave motive move ensues.

Contrary, an expanding flat could end anywhere between the $42700-$32690 zone. However, although not often, an extended C would bring prices below the $32960, and closer to the previous wave 4 near $28870 for a double fours’ bottom.

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