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Forex trading strategies are an absolute must when comes to trading the forex markets.

Failure to come adequately prepared to handle the rigors and complexities associated with the foreign exchange markets will not only cripple your forex trading dreams but can result in far more catastrophic consequences than you could have previously imagined.

The incorrect use of leverage, the inaccurate analysis of forecasting the price, and the strain that can result between you and your loved ones as a result of unforeseen financial ramifications are a tune known all to well by those of us who have ventured into this exciting, highly rewarding yet dangerous industry.

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Now this publication isn’t meant to steer you away from the trading of the foreign exchange markets but rather equip you with some forex strategies and tools that you can use to more accurately and consistently to invest the forex markets.

With these thoughts in mind, we’re about to dive into 5 of the best forex trading strategies that have proven their worth against the volatile forex markets that we’ve experienced during this tumultuous year.

90% Candlestick Patterns Accuracy

Dating back to the early 1870s, chartists and technical analysis based traders have relied upon Japanese candlestick patterns to more accurately forecast the price of underlying assets and financial instruments.

The general appeal surrounding Japanese candlestick patterns would be that they don’t involve the implementation of various technical indicators and that they reflect solely the raw feed of historic and present price action – for some meticulous forex traders, this is an absolute must as crowded charts can oftentimes lead to inaccuracies to those inexperienced.

Regardless of your preference, the implementation of Japanese candlestick trading methodologies is essential if you are looking to significantly improve your consistency and chart-reading abilities as a forex trader.

By having a concrete foundation in the fundamentals for Japanese Candlestick Charting you can not only better understand market flow but use that knowledge to more accurately invest and forecast the price which is what you are seeking already considering that you are here, right now, reading this trading strategy publication.

Recently, Internationally Certified Financial Technician Vladimir Ribakov composed a stellar guide into Special Candlestick Patterns that generated a success rate upwards of 90% if traded consistently and wisely (additionally you may watch the video below).

To further add to your growing arsenal of forex trading knowledge, Vladimir and his team have been working around-the-clock to introduce a serious of eBooks that are geared specifically towards all the ins-and-outs associated with Japanese candlestick charting. You may get these eBooks for free on our Free eBook Page.

Forex FX Delta

It’s a good thing that forex trading systems are around because not all of us are cut out to handle (or want to take the time) to gather the know-how behind trading methodologies.

A system that has proven its consistency since its inception is the Forex FX Delta.

Last month the system generated a 75% success rate and has generated over 14,500 pips to date.

If you are looking to benefit from a forex trading system that is compatible with traders of all experience levels then you may want to look into Forex FX Delta.

The system works with regulated brokerages that support the MetaTrader4 charting platform and is leveraged by countless newbie investors who look to maximize their time and efficiency as an investor.

Stochastic Trading Methodologies (For Newbies)

Technical indicators, much like the Stochastic indicator, are the closest thing to a holy grail that you’re going to discover when trying to get an edge in the foreign exchange markets.

Developed in the late 1950s by Dr. George Lane, the stochastic indicator is a momentum indicator that compares the closing price to the range of an underlying asset or financial instrument over a variable period.

When using the stochastic indicator you must be working with trends, otherwise, you are negating the functionality behind the indicator.

Shared below is an in-depth video regarding the do’s the don’ts involving the application of the stochastic technical indicator and how you can successfully implement the indicator into your growing arsenal of forex trading approaches.

You may gather more information about Stochastic Indicator application and trading approaches through How To Trade Successfully with Stochastic Indicator.

The Continuation (Triangle) Pattern

The triangle trading pattern is known as one of the most consistent forex trading strategies due to its innate ability to generate and maintain success rates of up to 70%.

Triangle trading patterns have enthralled chartists and technical-based traders for years and continue to prove its consistency time and time again.

In the video below, professional forex trader and Internationally Certified Financial Technician Vladimir Ribakov breaks down 3 types of trading patterns known as the symmetrical, ascending, and descending triangle.

You’ll learn the characteristics regarding each formation along with varying formations that may occur for each triangle iteration. Additionally, if you want to know how to apply this strategy to the fullest make sure you watch to the end that way you can learn suggested stop loss, take profit, and entry projections.

sRs Trend Rider PRO

One of the best-automated forex trading strategies embodies the form of a semi-automated trading system known as the sRs Trend Rider PRO.

What makes the sRs Trend Rider Pro unique would be its ability to scan for the existence of reliable trends across a myriad of time frames.

The system was created by Vladimir Ribakov and uses custom sRs Monitors, sRs Sentiment along with fundamental analysis implementations such as a news headline to provide traders with an all-around balanced trading system.

Last month the sRs Trend Rider PRO generated a 75% success rate and since it made its debut into the foreign exchange markets has generated over 6,000 pips.

Additionally, the sRs Trend Rider PRO reflects a multitude of positive reviews at the Forex Peace Army, a reputable forex watchdog.

The power of sRs Trend Rider 2! Get it now for free!

How to Get Trading Systems Free

If you are interested to learn about other forex trading systems that automatically employ customized and trialed forex trading strategies then you may want to visit our Roadmap to Forex Trading Systems.

Upon visiting you will be able to see some of the best forex trading systems available in the foreign exchange industry that have been created or endorsed by Vladimir Ribakov.

Vladimir Ribakov is the founder of Traders Academy Club and Divergence University and reflects one of the largest online trading communities consisting of over 91,000 members!

divergence university curriculum
Divergence University Curriculum & Courses.

Forex Trading Strategy Bottom Line

The foreign exchange industry possesses a vast quantity of trading strategies, automated trading solutions, and solutions that promise to make you rich overnight.

As many of you know, the majority of trading systems available in the industry are garbage and don’t perform better than a 50% success rate, if that.

Every single system featured on this site has years of transparent trading proof and their reliability is among the best of what you’ll find in the forex industry.

While we are a big advocator of self-education, don’t underestimate the value that can be generated through the investing of a powerful forex trading system.

Should you be interested to learn more forex trading strategies you may visit Vladimir’s Strategy & Webinar Playlist on YouTube which has 50 comprehensive and invaluable videos relating to forex trading strategies and need-to-know forex knowledge that he’s amassed over his 14+ years of professional trading experience.

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