Forex FX Delta Trading Review | March 2020 – 75% Success Rate


The Forex FX Delta created by Yordan Kuzmanov is tearing up the foreign exchange markets without mercy and taking pips as if they were prisoners of war!

For the month of March 2020, the Forex FX Delta generated a success rate of 75% bringing the cumulative ROI of the FX Delta to date just over 80%.

To date, the Forex FX Delta has amassed over 14,500 pips since it was debuted into the FX marketplace and continues to shatter expectations originally set forth by novice day traders across the globe.

To get the full scoop regarding the Forex FX Delta along with a recap regarding the performance of this system to date we invite you to continue reading on.

Forex FX Delta Recap

The Forex FX Delta also referred to as FX Delta, is a semi-automated trading system tailored for the foreign exchange and contracts-for-difference industry.

Implementing a highly-customized technical indicator known as the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), the Forex FX Delta is able to accurately identify trading opportunities while gauging the projected future price action of targeted assets.

While the system is more geared towards traders who prefer medium to long-term timeframes, the FX Delta has proven itself capable for day traders who prefer to stick with short-term investments.

What’s nice regarding the Forex FX Delta would be how the system comes with an adept trading manual and comprehensive webinars, which greatly reduces the generalized learning curve that comes with new trading systems.

Forex FX Delta review

Within a week or two weeks’ time, many traders have already begun to implement the FX Delta into their everyday investment routine and as you are beginning to understand the performance of the system has spoken for itself.

In case you are unfamiliar with where you can find these performance results, this blog has an entire page dedicated to documenting the trading performance of trading systems, which may be found on our Performance Page.

As you will see, all of the trading results are documented with screenshots (automatically taken through the MetaTrader4 platform) upon trade entry and exit while the assets, trade direction, entry and exit rates, and performance are all recorded for improved transparency.

Forex FX Delta Performance

Towards the last week of February 2020, we composed a concise case study and oversight regarding the Forex FX Delta, where the system had a documented success rate near 71% out of over 200 documented trades.

Fast-forward to the month of March and we are confronted with even better performance results for the FX Delta.

As we briefly touched upon, the Forex FX Delta generated a success rate of 75% for the month of March 2020 while 83% of the trades executed were sell investments.

XAUUSD Forex FX Delta Entry March 27 2020
XAUUSD Forex FX Delta Entry [WIN] – (March 27th, 2020)

Why are we highlighting this fact?

Well, think about how volatile the markets have been the past month due to the effects and panics originating from the Coronavirus.

Every financial market took a significant hit and created sporadic trading conditions that became difficult for even the most seasoned traders to accurately invest.

Given the fact that the FX Delta still generated a success rate of 75% DESPITE the stock, cryptocurrency and foreign exchange markets taking hits is astounding and serves as another testament that the FX Delta can stand the test of time and surf the volatile waves of the financial markets.

XAUUSD Forex FX Delta Exit March 27 2020
XAUUSD Forex FX Delta Exit [WIN] – (March 27th, 2020)

Forex FX Delta Reviews

We have shared below the 3 most recent trader experiences regarding the Forex FX Delta from Forex Peace Army, a forex watchdog:

Behappy – “I like the system as it fits well with my trading approach, i.e. finding a setup on higher time frame and look for entries using lower time frame. Recommend this system and also get the opportunity to learn from Yordan.”

vish4al – “If you have spent some time studying how this works and stick to the rules or even apply your own filters to the signals produced by this indicator then the results are VERY impressive. If you just expect to make millions out of the box then this isn’t for you. You need to study the content and diligently apply it and you will results using this. Obviously there are weeks where were there are not many signals but when they do come and fit your rules, they are normally very good…”

iggyboo – “In my humble opinion, this is the BEST forex trading software EVER. Delta fits my trading needs and style like a glove and it’s super simple and easy to use. Over the past 15 years, i’ve bought and used quite a number of forex systems and software and I was hesitant to buy this one, but I was familiar with the author of this system and took a chance … now Delta is all I use and I haven’t looked back since…”

The reviews and the performance of the Forex FX Delta speak for themselves.

Forex FX Delta (Forex Peace Army Reviews - March 2020)
Forex FX Delta (Forex Peace Army Reviews – March 2020)

Core Features

  • Trader Approved – The Forex FX Delta is one of the most prominent and highly reviewed trading systems for the foreign exchange and CFD markets in 2020.
  • Regulated Broker Required – FX Delta works solely with regulated brokerages, therefore, you can rest easy knowing your funds are safely managed with brokerages that must adhere to strict regulatory guidelines.
  • Ultra Condensed User Manual – Traders receive a comprehensive trading and user manual along with a Rapid Divergence Course e-Book and Webinar.
  • Accurate Trading Signals – Well over 200+ trades and the Forex FX Delta is not only reflecting a success rate over 70% but also proving to be more accurate as time moves on as shown through our March Performance Results.
Forex FX Delta trading opportunities
Online trading with the Forex FX Delta trading system – 71% success).

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the experience level as a trader, you may be the Forex FX Delta has proven its worthiness and credibility through trader testimonials, documented performance history, and founder transparency.

Operating solely with regulated brokers that support the MT4 platform, take advantage of the high-probability trading signals generated by FX Delta’s exclusive Delta Pattern recognition software and enjoy the full-out customization options available to you.

The signals are easy to follow once you master the diminished learning curve (we say diminished because the user manual really does break down the utilization of this software quite well) and begin taking control of your financial future through the fruits of your day trading labors.

If you have any questions please regarding the FX Delta don’t hesitate to connect with us!

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