Intellium Year Founded: 2017
Founders: Igor Borodin, Oleg Shendrigailov
Web Address:

Blockchain technology is becoming more and more popular in the world of digital currencies and Intellium is one of the companies that intend to use this technology in other areas as well. However, applying this technology in different areas is not an easy task and it will demand a lot of effort from the team. Because of that, Intellium has decided to join ICOs campaign by offer Intellium tokens for the investors who will recognize the potential of this idea.

Intellium Formula

About Intellium

Intellium’s goal is to bring blockchain technology and the real time investments to the same page and enable investments through the use of this technology. The founder of this company, Igor Borodin is a very experienced expert for blockchain technologies who has been working on this issue for a big number of years. Their goal is to educate as many people as possible, from executives to students, about the possibilities of blockchain technology and what it can do in the world of investments.

About Intellium

One of their already existing projects, Intellium Accelerator, focuses on mobility, energy, banking and several other sectors and how blockchain technology can be applied in those sectors of the economy. Besides that, Intellium is intended to create a community of blockchain, entrepreneurial talents and industry experts in order to improve the business of involved sides.

About Intellium


Intellium Research

Just like many other companies that decided to start their Initial Coin Offerings campaigns, Intellium has provided investors with the opportunity to invest in two stages of the campaign. The first stage, or the presale, has already finished (it started on July 21st). The total amount of tokens available for the investors, in this case, will be 20,000,000. 4,000,000 of those Intellium tokens have been reserved for the presale stage of the campaign.

Seventy percent of the total amount will be available for the investors through the sale stage of the campaign, while ten percent is reserved for the Intellium’s team. Ten percent is also reserved for the founders while advisors will be getting 8 percent of those tokens and only 2 percent of the Intellium tokens will be reserved for the bounty.

The price of Intellium token is fixed and it is 1 USD, while the price of the token for the cryptocurrencies will depend on the market prices for that digital currency at that moment. The sale period started on August 20th and it will last 75 days. Just like other ICO campaigns, Intellium ICO will also feature certain bonuses for those investors who purchase tokens during the presale stage as well as during the sale stage.


Intellium Features

Intellium has developed their own platform that provides investors with different kinds of features. One of those features is the Priority Funding and Accelerating Research that provides investors with the opportunity to capitalize on the blockchain innovations and to turn them into very successful businesses. The main goal of this feature is to reduce the gap between the traditional research and development aspect of the business and the investments required for the business.

Besides that, Intellium Platform also provided the feature of BMSTU Support which enables start-up companies to have the full access to the support and help when they apply to the Bauman State Technical University programs in order to get funds for the research and development. Additionally, Intellium Platform also provides Start-Up Support for those kinds of companies and that support is reflected in providing those companies with the expertise, consulting, management advice and everything that a startup needs to achieve success.

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