Spectiv Year Founded: 2017
Founders: Dylan Senter, Nich Ravanbakhs, Chris Peña
Web Address: https://www.spectivvr.com/

Spectiv is completely independent and decentralized virtual system which is based around rapidly growing attention market token. The platform is virtual reality streaming platform which uses blockchain attention markets in order virtual reality which has been increasingly incorporated into various major companies which operate in this industry. Spectiv is new virtual reality company which seeks ways to make the YoutTube of VR content. The company was launched in 2017 and its headquarter is located in Houston, Texas. The company is led by its CEO and co-founder Dylan Senter, Nich Ravanbakhs who is COO and Chris Peña who is Chief of Technology. Other Key advisors include James Duchenne who is the founder of Sutton Stone and Adam Richard founder of Volt Markets. If you want to find out more about the project and their goals visit their website https://www.spectivvr.com/.

Spectiv Research

Spectiv Research

Major Spectiv features include live virtual reality streaming including sports events where users can participate from the coziness of their home. Spector is a platform which is community driven meaning it enables all user to stream every personal experience if they own their virtual reality equipment. The Spectiv ecosystem mainly revolves around various Signals tokens known as Sigs as well as independent currency known as Specs.

The platform uses the Euthereum blockchain in order to provide greater security as well as faster growth in the virtual reality industry. The Spector team hope that in the future they will be able to produce their own virtual reality content which they will accomplish by partnering with major production companies and famous organizations. Spectiv content will be created with the latest virtual reality technology advancements and it will be overseen by the production team. Virtual reality industry has been rapidly growing in recent years, and like many other companies, Spectiv is seeking ways to incorporate their ways into the industry.

The ecosystem of the company revolves around Sigs which are ERC20 tokens which connect attention markets with implemented Ethereum blockchain. The Sigs can be earned by sharing various virtual reality content from the platform. There are also other tokens called as Specs or Spectiv Tokens. Spectiv Tokens are a virtual reality tokens which support various internal platform functions including premium content purchases, tipping, and advertising rewards. Together both types of token support overall Spectiv’s fundamental functions mainly the creation of virtual reality streaming platform which is capable of supporting different mainstream adoption. The platform encourages its users to create as well as to share their virtual reality content.

Spectiv Features

Spectiv Features

Generally speaking, Spectic is a platform which allows its users as well as various organizations to stream their virtual reality experiences to the others worldwide in a seamless as well as rewarding way. Viewers are able to engage in these shared experiences from the coziness of their homes through VR streaming feature. Fundamental features of Spectiv include community-driven virtual reality content, commercial virtual reality events, tokens including Specs and Sigs and Spectiv original virtual reality content. General Spectiv users contribute their own virtual reality experiences and the platform allows them to stream any experience with their virtual reality equipment. That content may be some professionally-produced content to other casually-recorded content which is very similar to YouTube content as well as to content you can find on some other video streaming platforms. The platform will also host VR supporting events and concerts offering premium seats and giving the audience great opportunity to truly engage in certain events of their choice. This will allow users to watch various live events as well as to participate in them from their home. Spectiv plans to partner with the host of the certain event in order to bring the event to its audience. The company also hopes to launch its virtual reality programming sometime near in the future.

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