ARYA Trading Review (Automated Trading in 2020) | Legit or Fraud?

arya trading ecosystem review

Is the hype surrounding the Arya Trading Ecosystem legit or is Arya trading a scam?

Before we begin, you should know, that Arya Trading does not appear to be a scam.

Having made media coverage with Forbes, LA Tribune, Informations Enterprise, BFMTV, and Le Figaro while possessing countless positive reviews on the web, it would be difficult for any entity to logically argue that Arya Trading could be a scam.

With that in mind, let’s take a further look into the inner-workings of Arya Trading and if they provide a reliable form of auto trading for 2020.

What is ARYA Trading?

Arya Trading is presented as an automated trading assistant.

The core objective of Arya Trading would be to simplify the trading process.

Operating more behind-the-scenes, Arya Trading Ecosystem conducts full risk management analysis, therefore, better protecting your capital while also taking positions and exiting positions on your behalf.

These trading positions performed by Arya are not signals generated by magical trading algorithms but rather through hundreds of pre-programmable trading scenarios.

While ARYA Trading isn’t meant for completely novice traders, Arya Trading has compiled a comprehensive package that includes training courses for traders of all experience levels along with, of course, your great Arya trading assistant.

In addition, each week a professional trading trainer provides their opinion and full analysis of the financial markets in a traders room for members’ advantage.

Traders who are part of the #WeLoveArya Facebook community can also share their settings along with good practices to help other members in the group thrive.

Supported instruments of ARYA trading include forex, CDF, stock indexes, metals, energy,  and cryptocurrencies.

Who is Behind ARYA Trading?

Guillaume Monges, co-founder and President of Greenbull Group, who was interviewed in the video shared above, owns one of the subsidiaries that edits the ARYA trading software.

For more direct information, you can visit the Terms & Conditions of

As disclosed, is operated by TechX FZ LLC, which can be verified through License Number 13322/2018 or through their Registered Address: Fujiarah – Office 1309, 13th Floor, Creative Tower, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates.

Given the transparency and media coverage of Arya Trading’s corporate structure, Arya Trading has grown into one of the most preferred forms of wealth-building amongst those residing within France.

Vladimir Ribakov with Arya Co-Owner JG.

ARYA Trading Packages

There are 3 variations of the ARYA Trading assistant.

Pack ARYA Starter, ARYA Pro, and ARYA Pro +.

Packages range from $0 to $379 while most memberships provide lifetime access.

Pack ARYA Starter – $0.00

  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Free Online Conference 
  • Weekly Traders Room Access
  • Arya Training: 33 e-learning lessons
  • #WeLoveArya Support Community Access

ARYA Pro – $249.00

  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Entry to Traders League
  • Arya Training + All Updates
  • For Accounts Less than $100,000
  • Lifetime ARYA License + All Updates
  • Access to #WeLoveArya Support Community

ARYA Pro + ($379)

  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Entry to Traders League
  • Arya Training + All Updates
  • Lifetime ARYA License + All Updates
  • For Accounts Greater than $100,000
  • Access to #WeLoveArya Support Community

Supported payment methods include Visa, Verified by Visa, MasterCard, and MasterCard SecureCode.

Additionally, Traders League is an investment opportunity for members of the Arya Trading community. Each quarter, you can invest funds in combination with ARYA, where the best traders of the ARYA Community are tasked to handle larger investments. Larger trading capital means a greater potential to yield more profits to all parties involved.

ARYA Trading Packages
ARYA Trading Packages – Ranging From $0 to $379.

ARYA Trading Reviews

These are REAL reviews from REAL trading experts that use ARYA:

Alexandre LeClair – “ARYA is the perfect tool to automate and secure my trade. I use it to get some free time and enjoy life.”

Rodolphe Steffan – “ARYA’s main goal is to fix traders’ problem number 1 which is… themselves.”

Xavier Fenaux – “ARYA is a valuable solution to gain time and money.”

Sylvian Loganadin – “Trading on the stock market with ARYA is like a parachute descent without parachute.”

ARYA Trading Reviews
Alexandre LeClair – “ARYA is the perfect tool to automate and secure my trade. I use it to get some free time and enjoy life.”

Learn How to Avoid BIG Trading Losses with Arya

Arya Trading Perks

  • Simplified Trading – Automation and execution of hundreds of pre-programmed trading scenarios simplifies the responsibilities typically involved with trading.
  • #WeLoveArya Community Access – Ask the questions that you’ve been burning to ask, reproduce the top traders’ strategies to your advantage while improving your skills as a trader.
  • Monthly Masterclasses – Live online sessions led by trading experts aimed to improve your trading skills, provide investment guidance, and deliver crucial day trading advice that can better your success as an investor.
  • e-Learning Classes – Learn the ropes of the ARYA Trading Ecosystem while advancing your day trading wisdom through 33 e-trading lessons.
  • Weekly Traders Room – Improve your trading performance by leveraging the weekly market analysis reports generated by elite trading experts.
  • Entry Ticket to the Traders League – Join ARYA by investing with the best ARYA traders where benefits are shared, the greater the capital the greater the returns!
  • Reduced Risk & Better Capital Management – With ARYA Trading, day traders can reduce their investment risk, limit their losses, enable a greater flow of profits to run while taking emotional trading out of the equation.

ARYA Trading FAQ Guide

FAQ Guide Generated by ARYA Trading.

Is Arya Trading Ecosystem a scam?

No, Arya Trading Ecosystem is not a scam.

Arya Co-Owner JG with Vladimir Ribakov, Owner of

Arya Trading Scam Review

ARYA Trading provides traders of all experience levels with an opportune ability to generate income from the comforts of their homes without an excessive learning curve.

Owned and operated by transparent and reputable companies, Arya Trading can be considered one of the greatest risk-reduction applications for investors while their automated features allow traders to invest more accurately while saving time.

All-in-all we predict that ARYA Trading will continue to grow in popularity and become a preferred trading application used by day traders across the globe.

Outcome: Arya Trading is Legit!

Official Site:

Please share any insights, experiences or feedback you may have below!

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