Cryptocurrency Market Starts Rebound Amid Consensus Conference

Cryptocurrency Market Starts Rebound Amid Consensus Conference
One of the hottest hotels in NYC is the center of the blockchain world right now.

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The annual Consensus conference, an event dedicated to blockchain technology, started in New York this week. The cryptocurrency industry has started to rebound from losses as a result of people being more interested in the currencies.

Although many currencies fell to three-week lows, the prices of those currencies have started to go up by a slight bit. Price drops have stopped with some currencies, most notably the bitcoin, attaining gains of about 5 percent.

The rise in the market is consistent with that has happened with past Consensus conferences. The trend has been noticed since the first Consensus event took place in 2015.


The growth of the market as a result of the conference has helped to keep many currencies from falling apart. The bitcoin in particular went down earlier in the week to nearly $8,000. This came not long after the currency tried to get back to a five-digit value. But the start of the conference as helped get the bitcoin to rise up by about 5 percent in value. The currency got to around $8,800 and has been trading slightly under that total. But even with this change, the value of the currency has kept at a consistent rate.

Other major cryptocurrencies have seen some rises in their values as the conference starts. Ethereum and Ripple both managed to stop their downward trends and have been trading with slight increases. This includes some changes where the values of the currencies are going up by 3 percent each.

The growth in the market is consistent with most other currencies on the market. The Coin Market Cap website is reporting near-identical trends among all the major currencies out there with an emphasis on currencies growing in value. This suggests that there is a strong amount of growth on the market that is making a real difference in the industry.

About the Conference

The Consensus conference in New York is operated by CoinDesk. Around 8,500 people will be attending the conference.

The event focuses on how the blockchain system can work and what people can expect to get out of it. Much of the program focuses on how the blockchain setup works for general intentions and for exploring some of the special ways how it can be utilized.

The event has already proven to be a big success as more people are interested in blockchain technology than ever before. About 8,500 people are going to be at the event, an increase over the 2,700 people who attended in the previous year’s edition. Much of this comes as the bitcoin and other currencies are making an impact on the economy while the blockchain system in general is being influential over how well it may be utilized.

People are also willing to spend large amounts of money to get into the event. The Consensus event had tickets for $2,000 each. The prices of those tickets went up to $3,000 for day-of-event sales.

Details on what will take place during the conference have not been leaked to the public, but the details are expected to be vital to understanding how the blockchain works.

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