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Hi Traders,

I’m really proud to announce the appearance of my new trading weapon – the Forex Crystal Ball – and the best part is: it is completely free!

So let me tell you a bit more about it and why i’m so excited. Needless to say, the market is moving within patterns. It always has and it will always do. These patterns may evolve and change during the years but the point is, there will always be a pattern of some sort.

Most of you, that have been following me for some time know that I’m using cycles to get a general idea of where the price should be moving (which is by the way half of the job if not more) and then find a good entry with good risk:reward ratios.

That’s all great, however it felt that it could be improved. It felt that there was a missing link in the chain that will make it even better and more powerful! This is how I came up with the Forex Crystal Ball Idea. If we look at the charts as a place where Time and Price (X and Y axis) meet, we can now have much much better idea WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT.

This is what the Forex Crystal Ball does – it tells you when there is a big chance for the price to move up or down! This is absolutely fascinating for many reasons but the main one is – it works and it makes money !

Just think about it – how would your trading change, if you knew that the price is going to move UP today?

You can still apply your favorite strategy or use the one provided with the software. It doesn’t really matter. All that it matters is that if you play your cards well (risk and money management) your chances of making money will drastically increase.

And why wouldn’t they? Patterns emerge for a reason – if you know how to spot them, why not take advantage right? It is really simple – if you buy a house, far away from the center of the city where there aren’t many schools, shops, hospitals etc, it will be cheaper. In time as the neighborhood develops, more people buy houses around you, schools are opened, hospitals, cinemas and so on, this place becomes “hot”. And what would happen to the price of your house? You know it – sky rocket!

What the Forex Crystal Ball does, is to try to predict or forecast, the upper coming neighborhoods, BEFORE they have became hot. If you knew at what price would Microsoft be valued today, wouldn’t you buy some shares back in 1975 ?

Let me show you an example:

You can see there is 54.8% probability for the price to go UP today and 45.5% (higher than the bearish expectation which is around 42%) to go UP again on the next day. The statistical indicator (on the right) confirms what the Forex Crystal Ball is saying. Do you need another confirmation to start looking for buys?

And here is what happened:

You want to trade breakouts? Divergences? Moving Average crosses? False breaks? The forex crystal ball strategy? It doesn’t matter! Just look for buys and chances are, you are going to make some money in the following 1-2 days or even less.

You know that i’m a really conservative trader, who likes to protect the capital and hates to take unworthy risks. This is why, an extra confirmation is ALWAYS there. I mentioned the Statistical Indicator above, which you might have seen in my videos/screenshots before – yes I used it on daily basis because it is an awesome addon.

The idea was to combine them both to make the whole process as bulletproofed as possible. I will not dig deeper into it, go ahead, download it, or just visit the website and read the details, i’m just going to say that when you put them together, the results are outstanding. Why? Because they “cover each other’s backs” if we can put it this way. Many wrong readings will be filtered out and this is how you improve performance and statistics work in your favor!

Trading is a game of statistics and if statistics are on your side, you will make money. I’m not going to promise you 100% success rate. That would be idiotic and if you are looking for something like that, stop reading here, this is not for you. Such EA,Indicator or trader doesn’t exist.

If you want to check out more examples and performance click here.

Looking forward to hear your opinion and feedback – as usual! So by all means go ahead and leave comments, send emails, talk to me directly in the live chat or contact me however suits you best – I would really appreciate it!

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  1. how many trading do you get profit ? i mean that what is your probability to get profit

  2. I signed up to avatrade from your link but I didnt get any confirmation for the access. I dont know why and you are not responding to my email..

  3. Hello, I am excited to learn more & use this trading system. How do i get more information & how can i also get it, please. Thank you in advance!
    Respectfully, Celia


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