Google Assumes Various People Are the CEOs of Bitcoin

Google Assumes Various People Are the CEOs of Bitcoin
Warren Buffett is not the CEO of Bitcoin. Sorry about that.

Google Assumes Various People Are the CEOs of Bitcoin. One of the most popular parts about Bitcoin is that it is not necessarily run by a single entity. However, that has not stopped Google from assuming that Warren Buffett and a few other major players in the finance field are the CEOs of Bitcoin.

A Reddit thread on the r/Bitcoin subreddit has found that a Google search for “Bitcoin CEO” or another similar term will result in a result showing that many important figures in the finance world are the CEOs of Bitcoin. This is in spite of how Bitcoin is not handled by a certain board, not to mention how no one is aware of the identity of the person who is believed to have created the currency.

The Reddit post shows that prominent investor Warren Buffett is one of the people associated with the development of the currency. This comes as Buffett has been critical of the cryptocurrency field and could be a risk.

Ajay Banga, the CEO of MasterCard, is another of the reported CEOs of Bitcoin. This comes even though he referred to cryptocurrencies as “junk” in the past.

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, is the third CEO being reported as a CEO. He was particularly critical of the currency field and referred to Bitcoin as a “scam.”

The three figures appear to have been listed on the search because of their involvements in the financial field. This includes the power that the entities hold through their investments and other endeavors they have entered into. The figures have also become noteworthy people for how their statements often trigger changes in the market based on sentiment and other valuable factors that may come about.

Part of this comes as Google has various algorithms for identifying different points relating to the Bitcoin. This includes adding names of people in the financial field. The information carousel produced by Google for some search results will list random details on certain people or other items relating to a particular field. The data is listed even as the content in question might not always be fully accurate.

A Quick Background

The searches that people make for details on the mythical CEO of Bitcoin are a sign that people are interested in the currency and that they want to know more about how the Bitcoin works. But even then, people would be disappointed to find out that there are no particular CEOs of the currency.

The closest bit of information people have on the background of Bitcoin is that a person who goes by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto is believed to have created the currency nearly ten years ago. But the identity of Nakamoto has never been revealed. It is also believed that Nakamoto may be a catch-all identity for several people responsible for the creation of Bitcoin. Also, any online actions that the Nakamoto entity has engaged in appear to have ceased over the past few years, thus suggesting that no one might ever truly find information on the currency.

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Comment: can we see the bitcoin flourishing in the next two years given the high inflatoo rate