The Matryoshka Trading Principle – Free Forex Trading Strategy by Yordan Kuzmanov

The Matryoshka Trading Principle - Free Forex Trading Strategy by Yordan Kuzmanov

Hi Traders! Today we’ve had the very unique (And I have to say amazing) webinar called The Matryoshka Trading Principle with the chief trader in my trading team in the academy club, Yordan Kuzmanov

Let me tell you a little story about Yordan. He is one of my very first students when I started my way online.

A dinosaur we call him 🙂

He was very smart guy from the very beginning. Was asking ALL the questions and never left anything not clear. Then he was mentored by me one on one and he was one of the first to complete fully my Divergence University program

Few years after, and his ambition brings him to the amazing place he is now. Leader in my trading team. Supervising other traders. Amazing!

He took the divergence university course

Learned it, mastered it, and developed his own style inside this trading niche.

You, can also get the course and become a master by itself on the link above!

I am VERY proud of him and I am very proud to have such student!

He is a great proof to everyone that skies aren’t a limit for no one if your ambition is high enough!

So, back to today’s webinar of his.

The webinar was FULL to zero so fast that we even didn’t have the chance to accept more attendees.

If you stayed out or just missed the event, NO WORRIES

We have all recorded for you, right here –

The PPT of his and other things are available for you inside the description of the video.

If you enjoyed the video, please share your feedback and let us know what you think.


Yours for your success,

Vladimir Ribakov


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4 years ago

Well done, will apply your principle

4 years ago

Thank you so much Yordan, the webinar was really really amazing

4 years ago

Excellent Yordan, principle is really impressive