Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank Bullish about the Future of Crypto

Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank Bullish about the Future of Crypto
Shark Tank Crypto

Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank Bullish about the Future of Crypto. While a lot of the world’s leading business people and investors such a Warren Buffet have been saying that the likes of a bubble and that they do not see much of a future for these digital currencies, there has been a few who remain bullish about their future.

One of those is Robert Herjavec who is one of the investors on the hit television series Shark Tank. He says that he is of the belief that bitcoin is “here to stay” of the long run and that in the near future proper regulations will come in for the cryptocurrency markets. He is saying that it is a good opportunity right now for investors who are interested in this space to get involved or to get out if they no longer have the confidence.

Herjavec admitted that he himself does not invest in cryptocurrencies, but he has made the prediction that he is of the belief that bitcoin will even bypass the $20,000 mark in the future.


He is firmly in the belief that there needs to be strong regulations for the crypto market and he believes that these are already in the works and will be brought into action shortly. He thinks that as strict regulation becomes more of a reality, people will still speculate when it comes to the price of bitcoin but eventually it will take a significant drop.

He more or less said that he was unsure as to whether or not right now is a good time to get into bitcoin, but said that if someone did, they would be looking to get out as well in the near future.

This, of course, is a mindset that is directly opposite to what many crypto investors have, as they constantly are calling on people to “hodl” their positions into the future. As well as being a shark on Shark tank, Herjavec is currently the CEO of the Herjavec Group which is a firm in the space of cybersecurity.

When discussing the security concerns around cryptocurrencies, he is not of the belief that the crypto exchanges have great levels of security. In particular he referenced the hack of NEM last month in which more than $500 million was stolen from Coincheck, the crypto exchange that is based in Japan. He does believe that the transactions of crypto themselves are secure.

Talking about the future of blockchain technology he is enthusiastic about the promise that it has shown to date mainly down to the “inherent security of a transaction.” He has high hopes for what the technology can be used for into the future and believes that it will definitely change the way people live their lives and how people do business.

These were interesting observations to hear from someone like Herjavec and while he has not invested himself, he clearly believes that blockchain technology has an important role to play in society going forward. It is certainly going to be a space that will be fascinating to watch as it grows and blossoms into the future.



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