The debt is at all time highs now – How it will affect our lives

The debt is at all time highs now – how it will affect our lives

The debt is at all time highs now. Each one of us is well aware of the fact that debt is one of the most unpleasing things in our lives. In the very same way, dealing with bad debt is one of the hardest things that one has to come across and face during ones lives. But we hardly mention or think about why it is important for us to get out of the bad debt. It is not only important to make the figures nice on the credit report, or invest in to an expensive car. The main reason to get out of debt is that it actually steals your life.

A person who struggles to get out of the bad debts has to face a number of challenges. First of all, such a person has to face the situation with rationality, and this is the worst part. Not to lie about the situation, but to assess the debt and to try finding a solution is a nerve wrecking activity. It will be shocking for many people, particularly when we talk about the huge debts that started with few hundred pounds and increased speedily to an amount where one finds oneself unable to pay even the minimum amount.

Moreover, other than shock for the people while facing the real life financial situations, there are several other things that affect lives due to bad debts. Let us talk about a couple of them in a brief manner.

The debt is at all time highs now – how it will affect our lives

High debt affects your professional life:

If you head is full of worries and problems, then you will not be in a position to focus and concentrate on your job. You will be vulnerable enough to miss the opportunity for promotion or if the situation gets worse, you will be in a position where you might lose your job. This will make your financial position even worse. Or in case you plan a career change, you should postpone it because without a proper job you will not get a chance to get yourself out of the heavy debt. But then again, sticking to the job you don’t like anymore will add to the frustration and stress making it more difficult for you to deal with the bad debt. One should keep the level head while at work and should not at all show any signs of frustration. Leave your problems outside the entrance of your workplace and pick them up as soon as you are finished with your job.

High debts affect your relationship:                    

Research has shown that financial issues are one of the reasons or you may say leading cause to divorce. Stress is something that leads to misunderstanding, and hence couples stop communicating with each other or they start blaming each other for the high debts. Nobody wants to agree that he or she has been the reason for the financial crisis, or that they could have acted wisely to avoid the situation and finally both the partners adopt the attack – defense strategy which never takes people to the right solution. Couples should take the responsibility over finances jointly and should work together to come up with the solutions. It actually helps when coupes sit together, brainstorm about solutions and put in efforts to make the future better rather than fighting over what has been passed.

Debts affect your health:

Under such circumstances that have been aforementioned, one finds oneself dealing with multiple issues leading one to enormous stress and depression. It has been discovered long ago that stress causes symptoms that lead to mental or / and physical illness. It leads you to a situation where you get nothing but find yourself in a situation where you are even worse financially. Hair loss, depression, heart diseases, diabetes and sexual dysfunction are some of the ailments that may be caused due to financial crisis or debts.

No doubt dealing with high debts is bad on its own but putting off the solutions adds to the misery. It is highly suggested to seek professional advice in this regards otherwise you will find yourself complete loss.              


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