Making Money From Forex Trading – Reality or Dream?

Making Money From Forex Trading - Reality or Dream?

Hi Traders! In this article, I would like to explain about making money from Forex trading. This is the main issue for everyone who thinks about touching and trying out the Forex market, whether it’s possible to make money from Forex trading? In this article, I am about to explain whether it is a reality or is it a dream, at the end of this article you will know which one is a dream and which one is real from the examples below.

Dream or Reality

  • Is it possible to make money trading Forex?
  • Is it possible to double your account every month?
  • Is it possible to have 100% winning trades?

We will also discuss, whether is it possible to trade for a living? So keep reading.

1. Making Money From The Forex Market – Dream or Reality?

My answer is, it is a reality, let me explain why:

“I couldn’t wait for success so I went ahead without it”

That’s a great quote from Jonathan Winters.

Making Money From Forex Trading - Reality or Dream?

The successful trader recipe starts like as shown in the picture above, the first thing is practice, consistency, discipline, make money, keep earnings and repeat. But there is one missing part and this part is maybe the most important one for every successful trader and that would be “Very High-Quality Knowledge”.

Making Money From Forex Trading - Reality or Dream?

Once you possess the knowledge then you practice, you keep it consistent, you are disciplined in your trading and you make money, you keep your earnings and you repeat. You improve yourself, you practice consistency, discipline and so on. This is the recipe for a successful trader, no one including myself or any other successful trader ever skips or stops gaining very high-quality knowledge. Every single day I spent a lot of hours learning, analyzing myself, analyzing my trading and improving myself. Markets develop themselves so we have to develop ourselves as a trader and the moment you stop you start to move back.

Here is a simple proof that trading could be successful:

Making Money From Forex Trading - Reality or Dream?

Here is one more:

Making Money From Forex Trading - Reality or Dream?

Trading could be successful. If it wasn’t then there was no place for people like me and you in the potential to become traders and make a living out of it.

2. Doubling Your Account Every Single Month – Dream or Reality?

Making Money From Forex Trading - Reality or Dream?

100% per month is a reality and here is the science behind it, now keep a serious focus because doubling the account on monthly basis is far from accurate, so keep in mind the pros and cons listed below:

Making Money From Forex Trading - Reality or Dream?

The dream of every trader is to turn $1K to $1 million in 10 months, is it is a dream or reality?

My answer is, it is a reality, of course, it won’t happen to everyone, remember its a zero-sum game so for everyone who earns a million, there are one thousand traders that will lose one thousand dollars, its a very simple math. But in reality, there is a new millionaire in Forex every month, every week or maybe even every day but to become one you have to follow the successful trader recipe which I explained to you earlier.

Making Money From Forex Trading - Reality or Dream?

The picture shown above is how it looks like, turning from 1k to 100% gain every single month until you reach the million.

3.  Loss Free Trading- Dream or Reality

This is the main thing of this article probably, my dear friends that’s a dream, that’s a big dream, let me explain why? Forget about it, first of all, loss-free trading is a pure dream and that’s a scam system used online, whoever claims has a system without losses simply lie to you it’s as simple as it is.

Remember that loss-free trading, it is very likely the most common newbie mistake. Everyone is wishing for a strategy that doesn’t lose a trade well even myself 🙂 but exactly as basketball match cannot end up in one way only with a result of 90:0 (well in theory maybe it can) same does trading, it cannot be without losses.

Balance In Life And Balance In Trading:

Just think about it, nothing in nature goes one way and I repeat “nothing” there is a balance and this balance is there for a reason there are ugly animals because we need to appreciate the beautiful ones right? Think about it and take a look at this picture below:

Making Money From Forex Trading - Reality or Dream?

Take a look at the Blob fish and the Mole Rat (well maybe some will think they are cute) but to enjoy the beauty of this Retriever Puppy or Bunny Rabbit we have to remember and know that some that are balancing all this beauty.

We need balance to be happy and satisfied with the good things we achieve. It’s always like that the life we live is meant to be balanced so we keep staying on the land with our feet is very very important.

Similarly, balance in Forex is just like the examples we saw above and in the same way in Forex too we cannot have only winners or losers, even if you open hundred trades randomly without any idea, you will win some and you will lose some, there is no other way. So learn to live peacefully with losses and you will learn to enjoy from great profits, that’s the way of the successful trader.

Finally, one small important tip from someone who knows what trading is like, leave the “Free Loss Trading” dream for someone else.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this article.


To your success,

Vladimir Ribakov



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